habits that make you infertile

For married couples, having children is the main goal. However, to get pregnant and have children, both husband and wife must have good health and fertility. Therefore it is essential to avoid habits that make infertile.

Fertility is a significant factor in the occurrence of pregnancy in married couples. However, not everyone is given good fertility, so some people have the problem with the risk of infertility. You need to know, infertility can occur due to various factors, one of which is an unconscious daily habit.

So what are the daily habits that can cause infertility? Let’s see the following review.

Daily Habits That Can Make You Infertile

Infertility is not only caused by genetic factors or body conditions. However, the risk of infertility can be caused by daily habits that turn unhealthy and affect fertility. Below are some habits that can increase the risk of infertility in both men and women.

1. Consumption of Unhealthy Foods

One of the daily habits that can cause infertility is eating unhealthy foods. There are various types of foods that can cause infertility, one of which is junk food or fast food. Junk food generally contains too much fat and salt, increasing the risk of obesity.

In men, eating unhealthy foods can also drastically reduce the number and quality of sperm. This will undoubtedly make it difficult for you to fertilize an egg so that the risk of infertility in men becomes more significant due to consuming these unhealthy foods.

2. Stay Up Late

Sleep is an essential need for humans to keep the body healthy. Often staying up late or lack of sleep also risks fertility, especially for women. Women who lack sleep can experience disturbances in the menstrual cycle which can lead to infertility.

Not only for women, men who often stay up late also have a significant influence on the quality of the sperm produced. According to the journal Medical Science Monitor, men who sleep less than 6 hours a day have lower sperm quality and counts. This is what makes a habit of staying up late one of the causes of infertile men.

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3. Smoking

Smoking is harmful to health and has a significant effect on fertility. Smoking habits that are too frequent can cause the quality and number of sperm in men to decrease. While in women, smoking can affect the egg cells and uterus, so it will be challenging to experience fertilization.

4. Lack or Excess of Exercise

One of the best ways to maintain a healthy body is to exercise regularly. However, did you know that exercise can also be a habit that makes you infertile? Is it right?

A good exercise is done according to needs. Lack of exercise can make the body accumulate fat, causing obesity. It can also be one of the causes of infertility for both men and women.

However, excessive exercise is also not good for fertility. Heavy-intense exercise that is done more than 1 hour a day can interfere with the fertility of women and men. So make sure to exercise with the right portion to be suitable for health and fertility.

5. Excessive Caffeine Consumption

Who loves to drink coffee? Be careful, excessive caffeine consumption can cause infertility. Several studies have found that consuming more than 300 mg of caffeine a day can reduce fertility for both men and women. Not only that, for pregnant women, caffeine is also at risk of causing miscarriage.

You need to know, caffeine is not only found in coffee. However, you can also find this content in tea, soda and energy drinks. So it’s better to avoid various foods and beverages that contain caffeine because it can cause infertility in women and men.

6. Stress

Another habit that can also affect fertility is stress. In women, frequent stress can affect the menstrual cycle, which will impact fertility. Whereas in men, too often, stress can make the quality and quantity of sperm decrease.

Instead of finding out how to cure infertility, it’s better to keep your mental state healthy from now on. Moreover, for married couples carrying out a pregnancy program, it is highly recommended to stay calm and avoid stress. Besides being able to cause infertility, stress can also reduce sexual desire.

7. Unhealthy Sex Activities

Another bad habit that can also cause infertility is having unhealthy sex. Generally, people who frequently change partners during sex will experience problems related to fertility. Unhealthy sex is also very closely associated with sexually transmitted diseases which are the leading cause of infertile husbands but can also occur in women.

Unhealthy sexual activity can cause infection in the reproductive organs. This condition can cause the Fallopian tubes in women to become blocked. Not only that, sexually transmitted diseases can also cause miscarriage if pregnancy occurs. Even worse, the fetus in the womb can be dangerous because it is at risk of infection from infectious diseases of its parents.

Ways to Maintain Male and Female Fertility

Infertility is a scourge for both men and women. Because with those conditions, it will be challenging to have children. Therefore, it is essential to keep yourself from habits that make you infertile and always take care of your health and fertility.

To prevent infertility, there are several ways you can do to maintain fertility, such as:

  • Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

According to Islam, one way to avoid the risk of an infertile husband and maintain fertility is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can start by eating a healthy diet, exercising and getting enough rest, and avoiding smoking and alcohol. Consume more vegetables and fruits because they are rich in antioxidants suitable for increasing fertility.

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  • Maintain Weight

People who are obese are at significant risk for problems with fertility, especially in men. Obesity will reduce the quality and quantity of sperm. Therefore, if you want to maintain fertility so that it is easy to have children, make sure always to keep your ideal body weight.

  • Avoid Stress

One more way to maintain fertility for women and men is to avoid stress. Stress affects fertility hormones for both men and women. Stressed women will usually have an impact on an irregular menstrual cycle. Meanwhile, men who are stressed make sperm quality not good. To keep hormone checks for the pregnancy program, try to avoid stress by always thinking positively.

Those are daily habits that, without realizing it, can cause infertility. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle to maintain fertility. Also, avoid various routines that can make you infertile because it will harm you in the future.