benefits of ejaculation for men's health

Have you heard the benefits of ejaculation for men? If you haven’t, maybe you are part of a group that believes ejaculation or orgasm in men is just for pleasure.

There are many myths related to ejaculation that is often heard. For example, ejaculating every day can increase blindness, hair loss, and other health problems. This condition has not been scientifically proven to be true.

Ejaculation itself is a term that occurs when a man reaches a climax during intercourse or masturbation. This can be indicated by the seminal fluid containing sperm cells that come out of the vital organs.

Ejaculation itself is not only limited to sexual pleasure. However, other benefits can be beneficial for health. Here’s a full explanation of ejaculation benefits that you need to know.

Benefits of Ejaculation for Men’s Health

Dopamine and oxytocin are two hormones that are produced when you ejaculate. Oxytocin can stimulate positive emotions that reduce stress levels in a person’s mind.

Meanwhile, dopamine has a positive effect that can cause a sense of comfort and happiness. It can be a source of motivation to be more productive. This is another benefit of ejaculation that is good for male reproductive health.

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1. Lowering Prostate Cancer Risk

Prostate cancer is a significant problem that can disturb male reproductive health worldwide. According to a report from the American Cancer Society, in the United States, there were at least 161 thousand new cases during 2017. With a prediction of the risk of patients dying of up to 1:7.

On the other hand, many studies have shown that ejaculation can prevent prostate cancer. According to data, men aged 20-29 years who ejaculates 21 times per month will reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 19 per cent.

Meanwhile, for men aged 40-49 years who do the same, the chance of getting prostate cancer will decrease by 22 per cent. So, it can be said that the benefits of ejaculation are suitable for men of productive age and the health of adult men.

2. Improve Sleep Quality

Sleep quality is one source of problems that can cause disturbances in the body. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at least 1:3 of the population in the United States has sleep disorders. As a result, public health has decreased drastically.

A study published by Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews states that ejaculation has a close relationship with decreased activity in the brain’s prefrontal cortex. A part that functions in regulating awareness, level of alertness, and mental activity.

That condition can occur because of the release of the serotonin and dopamine hormones, which provide a sense of comfort and a sleep-inducing effect.

3. Lasting in Bed

Every adult man surely wants to satisfy their partners, and one way is to increase stamina to have sex with a longer duration. One of the less-known benefits of ejaculation is that it can increase energy in men, so it has a positive impact on producing happier household relationships.

4. Increase Confidence

Confidence in men is like a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it can produce positive effects, but on the other hand, it can also cause problems that affect emotions and daily activities.

Ejaculation or orgasm is believed to positively impact the level of self-confidence in men. This can also avoid conflicts due to problems with intimate relationships with their partner.

5. Avoiding the Buildup of Sperm Deposits

As information, at least the body produces 1,500 sperm cells every second. So if it is calculated within one day or 24 hours, the number can reach millions of cells.

If not ejaculated using sexual intercourse or masturbation, sperm cells will usually be reabsorbed by the body or excreted through wet dreams. This condition occurs to reduce the buildup of sperm deposits, which can trigger infection.

6. Maintain Immune System

Many health experts have proven that the immune system is related to a person’s level of happiness. Medically, the dopamine and oxytocin hormones produce positive effects that can trigger feelings of joy and comfort.

Interestingly, both dopamine and oxytocin hormones can be activated when you orgasm or ejaculate.

7. Reduce Stress

Uncontrolled stress is certainly not suitable for the health condition of the body. To relieve it, you can relax, have a vacation, or even ejaculate by masturbating or having sex with your partner.

Ejaculation has been proven to release oxytocin and dopamine hormone, making men feel better. Not only physically but also emotionally. Therefore, it is not surprising that this activity is often recommended to reduce the burden of thoughts and prolonged stress.

8. Prevent Heart Disease and Stroke Risk

Orgasm with sex is not only fun but also good for heart health. The Everyday Health article explains that men who have sex at least once every two weeks have a lower risk of heart disease than those who only have sex once a month.

Although it can improve heart health and prevent stroke, it doesn’t mean you have to keep doing it. Also, pay attention to other things such as diet, exercise intensity, and lifestyle.

In addition, you also can not carelessly change partners to get ejaculation. This will increase the risk of transmitting venereal diseases that are dangerous to health.

9. Help Improve Mood

A sexual activity carried out regularly until ejaculation is a form of emotional care and affection. Attention and mutual love are very good for maintaining a more stable mood.

With a good mood condition, stress can be avoided. Activities will become smoother, and work will feel easier to do.

10. Sperm Quality

The next benefit of ejaculation is being able to improve sperm quality. Regular sexual activity with ejaculation will make sperm production continue to occur. To minimize the sperm that has long been deposited in the testicles.

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How Often Should Men Ejaculate?

Most people may still think that the primary purpose of ejaculation is for sexual satisfaction. This is not the case. From a medical point of view, ejaculation or orgasm in men can provide positive benefits in various ways. So, how often does a man need to ejaculate for health benefits?

If we rely on European Urology data published in the journal entitled Ejaculation Frequency and Risk of Prostate Cancer, we will get a figure of 21 ejaculations per month. These observations were done on 31,925 men, concluding a reduced risk of prostate cancer.

Of course, this research still needs to be verified before being entirely sure. Apart from that, Islam itself mentions the Sunnah of the Prophet, which involves sexual activity every Friday night. It means that a Muslim is advised to ejaculate at least once a week.

With many benefits of ejaculation that can be obtained, it does not mean you have to keep doing it. If you already have a partner, you should also consider their feelings. You also have to pay attention to the convenience factor, don’t let the information above become a burden on your mind. Hope it is useful.