get pregnant during postpartum period

Under normal conditions, most married couples will delay having sex after giving birth. This procession is usually carried out for approximately 40 days until the postpartum period is finished. After that, the mother can carry out everyday activities, including having sex with the partner. On the other hand, can you get pregnant after the postpartum period?

The questions above are pretty much asked by couples who have just finished going through the birth period, especially by women who under certain conditions do not show signs of normal postpartum menstruation.

To find out the answers to the questions above, let’s look at the whole discussion regarding pregnancy potential after postpartum.

Can You Get Pregnant During Postpartum?

Many factors can influence the chance of pregnancy during postpartum itself. For example, having sex when you are fertile, without contraception, and the uterus condition is already optimal enough to support the following fertilization process.

These various factors indeed depend on the mother’s condition during the postpartum. Because in some situations, some are still bleeding for 40 days, but some can carry out everyday activities without having to wait 40 days, so they are ready to have sex with their husbands.

The following is a complete explanation regarding when is the closest time a woman can get pregnant after giving birth.

  • Five Weeks After Birth

In some cases, women with high fertility rates can get pregnant again within five weeks after giving birth. This means that there will be a minimum age gap of 11 months between the birth of the previous child and his younger sibling.

The average standard of the postpartum period used in medicine and in Islam itself is in the range of 40 days or about six weeks. However, this cannot be used as a benchmark considering the condition of each person.

  • After First Menstruation

Most women will experience an abnormal menstrual cycle for at least six months after birth. In these conditions, your wife can still get pregnant because it is possible to keep ovulating.

Tips for Preventing Pregnancy After Childbirth

The following are some ways that can be done to prevent pregnancy after the postpartum period.

1. Do Family Planning

Doing family planning can be the right solution to avoid pregnancy before and after postpartum. The options that can be done are also quite many, not only from the women’s side but also from the men’s side.

2. Avoid Sex During Fertile Periods

If you and your partner want to delay the pregnancy process, you should avoid having sex during the fertile period. The opposite method for couples who wish to have children immediately is quite effective and efficient. The technique is also very easy because you have to mark the fertile time on the calendar.

3. Controlling Nutritional Intake

Controlling the intake of certain foods into the body can be one way to avoid potential pregnancy. As we know, the intake of nutrients into the body can improve the quality of sperm and egg cells so that it enlarges the fertilization process.

Some types of food that need to be avoided include shellfish and shrimp. In addition, to clean toxins and other harmful substances in the body, you can also do mineral water therapy.

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The Risk of Having Sex During Postpartum

Several types of health problems can occur due to having sex during the postpartum. Although not all of them experience the following things, this information is still essential to know.

1. Can Trigger Infection

Having sex during the postpartum can increase the risk of infection. The reason is, when this period, usually the body will shed the rest of the pregnancy tissue around the uterus, so it will cause bleeding.

The process of bleeding after the postpartum is normal, but it can be at risk of becoming a medium for the growth of bacteria and germs that cause infection if it is not cleaned regularly.

Having sex during postpartum can increase the risk of entry of germs, so it should not be done.

2. Incredible Pain

One of the risks that occur when having sex during the postpartum is experiencing pain. Many complaints have been reported regarding this problem because the vaginal condition is not normal after giving birth.

Don’t force it if you feel dyspareunia or pain when having sex. You explain the discomfort to your partner to avoid unwanted health problems.

3. Can Cause Torn Stitches

Given the condition of the wound that has not recovered, as usual, the activity of having sex during the postpartum may also cause the stitches to tear. Mainly if the delivery process is carried out usually.

Wounds due to torn stitches themselves can cause several risks, such as bleeding or infection due to bacteria from the outside.

4. Loss of Sexual Desire

Not many couples immediately want to have sex right after giving birth. Apart from the condition that has not recovered, parents’ energy is usually also drained due to fatigue in caring for a newborn baby.

Indirectly, these various factors reduce sexual desire, which encourages sexual activity to become more intimate and enjoyable. 

5. Threat of Pulmonary Embolism

Embolisms or lumps in the lungs can occur due to having sex after giving birth. Although cases like this are rare, the potential threat still exists because the blood vessels in the uterus are open at this time.

Sex during the postpartum can make the air from outside enter the uterus, then infiltrate through the blood vessels to form embolisms or clots in internal organs such as the lungs, brain, and heart.

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Having Intercourse During Postpartum According to Islam

Having intercourse during the postpartum, according to the Islam religion, is prohibited. In general, this prohibition is not much different from when women are experiencing menstrual cycles. The verse that mentions this rule can be found in Surah Al-Baqarah verse 222.

Besides that, Muslim people who have sexual intercourse while still in the postpartum or menstruation period are ordered to give charity with a fine of one to half a dinar as a sanction. This determination refers to the hadith narrated by Abu Dawud and Al-Hakim.

That’s an explanation for having intercourse after childbirth. Intimacy is one of the needs of every couple. However, what happens if this activity is carried out in the postnatal period? Having intercourse during the postpartum can you get pregnant? Under certain conditions and with the support of various factors, this can happen.

Apart from it, the sexual activity itself is related to reproductive needs and can also bring couples closer after undergoing difficult times giving birth to children. Therefore, make sure to do it healthily and safely.