causes of female infertility

No couple wants infertility conditions that make it difficult for their wives to get pregnant. Not only understand the causes of female infertility, but men also can experience the same problem. Therefore, it is essential to do a joint examination with a trusted obstetrician.

Every married couple wants the presence of their little one in their marriage life. Moreover, if the marriage has been for years, then the presence of children can give a perfect happiness. Let’s look together at the causes of female infertility that need to be known early on.

Understanding the Causes of Infertility in Women

Maybe you still don’t understand the factors that cause infertility in women so that you can prevent the risk of infertility from early on. Here are some of the causes of a woman experiencing infertility:

1. Use of certain drugs

Infertility is indeed a scary thing for women, but you can find out one of the factors causing it is the use of certain drugs.

Drugs that can trigger infertility include neuroleptic drugs commonly used to treat mental disorders, chemotherapy drugs for women undergoing cancer treatment programs, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and others.

Consumption of certain drugs for a long time can affect a person’s fertility, especially women. Infertility in men can also be caused by the use of illegal drugs and even the risk of sexually transmitted diseases or other diseases due to alternating needles.

2. Experience irregular menstrual periods

Suppose a person experiences irregular menstrual periods due to PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. This is caused by the abnormal development of hormones in a woman’s body due to the higher testosterone hormone. As a result, women often fail to ovulate, thus affecting the low chance of pregnancy.

The best way to deal with the problem of women suffering from PCOS is to start changing their lifestyle to be healthier, eating foods rich in nutrients, whole grains, nuts, vegetables, and exercising regularly.

3. Some factors trigger ovulation failure

Ovulation is essential in determining the fertility level of a woman. Ovulation is usually 14-16 days after the first day of the period, so those of you who have sex at that time have a high chance of getting pregnant.

However, some characteristics of women have difficulty getting pregnant due to this failure to ovulate. The cause of ovulation failure is because women have thyroid disorders, premature ovarian failure, and have polycystic ovary syndrome, or the ovaries have difficulty producing eggs.

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4. Blockage in the fallopian tube

There are cases of women having difficulty being pregnant even though they have a pretty good fertility rate caused by blockages in the fallopian tubes. This means that the canal that connects the ovaries to the uterus is blocked so that sperm cells cannot reach the egg. Of course, women who experience blockages in the fallopian tubes should see a doctor to be treated better.

Usually, women who experience blockage of the fallopian tubes need to get the treatment that can open the blockage, one of which is diathermy physiotherapy.

Diathermy, which features the heat of 38-45 degrees Celsius, can help overcome problems in women with this case. Although there is no guarantee that you will get pregnant immediately after several times of physiotherapy, it never hurts to try the right pregnancy program, right?

5. Cases of endometriosis

The growth of tissue in the uterus protrudes outward, which often occurs in the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and pelvis tissue. When endometriosis appears in the ovaries or uterus, it is called an endometrioma. Cysts in the uterus usually cause pain and ache during menstruation.

If not treated early, someone who has an endometriosis case can experience infertility. Even the characteristics of infertility in women who experience severe pain during menstruation can be detected when teenage. Usually, young women complain of hurt, pain, and even fainting when the menstrual period arrives.

6. Experience women’s reproductive health problems

It could be that the cause of infertility in women is because they experience reproductive health problems, both sexually transmitted diseases, not maintaining intimate organ hygiene, intimate organ infections, and other cases.

Women who have a good fertility rate can also become infertile when exposed to sexually transmitted diseases either from promiscuity, drug injection needles, transmission from an irresponsible husband, and others.

7. Having cervical mucus disorders

Disorders of cervical mucus experienced by women can result in less than the optimal movement of sperm cells. Sperm cells that fail to enter the fallopian tube can fail fertilization. No wonder the awaited pregnancy does not come because you experience this problem.

Some of the factors that cause infertility in women above should be your consideration from now on. Regular health checks to the doctor can prevent infertility. In addition, it’s a good idea to start implementing a healthy lifestyle to have a good condition of the reproductive organs and uterus.

Besides women, men have an essential role in supporting a faster pregnancy. Make sure men also adopt a healthy lifestyle so that the condition of the sperm cells is in a good quality condition that is ready to fertilize the egg.

The cause of infertility that often occurs in men is sperm cells damage due to an unhealthy lifestyle, such as alcohol consumption, smoking, free sex, drugs, staying up late, stress, and others. Causes of infertility in women and men must be resolved together to get a baby soon.

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Tips to Get a Baby Faster After Marriage

Trying is the best way to wait for the arrival of a child. In the perspective of Islam, Infertile women are a test that must be accepted with grace.

However, according to Allah SWT, you must always be optimistic that nothing is impossible. In addition to praying earnestly, then make efforts so that you can gain the trust of having a beloved baby.

Here are some tips for getting a baby faster, such as regularly exercising, getting enough rest, consuming healthy foods, managing stress, and periodically checking up with the doctor. Stress triggers hormonal imbalances so that women become more irritable and experience a decreased physical condition. At the same time, you need good physical and mental health before you undergo a pregnancy program with your partner.

In addition to the tips above, make sure you reduce your daily consumption of foods that cause infertility, such as caffeine products, red meat, raw eggs, fried and fast food that must be limited, sweet foods, and avoid smoking and alcohol.

If you have implemented a healthy lifestyle, then be prepared to accept the presence of the fetus, which is the greatest gift from the Almighty Creator.

Having lawful marital sex in marriage during ovulation will increase the chances of pregnancy. Come on, plan your pregnancy with your beloved partner according to the recommendation of a trusted obstetrician! Don’t forget to pray so that the desires you want will be immediately granted by Allah SWT and kept away from the causes of female infertility.