Dr. dr. Cindy Rani Wirasti, Sp.OG, KFER

About Me

Dr. dr. Cindy Rani Wirasti, Sp.OG, KFERis a Gynecology Obstetrician specialist with sub-specialist Reproductive Endocrinology Fertility Consultants or KFER.

She is a general practitioner graduate from FK Tarumanegara, while the obstetric specialist education is taken at the Unsrat FK Manado. Then the Fertility consultant education was obtained from FK Undip / RS Dr. Kariadi Semarang. Further education / courses for IVF / IVF are obtained from Monash University Melbourne, affiliated with its subspecialty education. A Doctorate Degree in Medicine was obtained from FK UGM Yogjakarta.

Dr. dr. Cindy Rani Wirasti, Sp.OG, KFER joined Morula IVF since 2017, because of Dr. Dr. Cindy is primarily in the field of Reproductive Endocrinology Fertility, where Morula's Fertility clinic supports her practice with IVF / IVF services. And also Fertility Enhancing Surgery services - Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy surgery.

Besides that, Dr. Cindy in accordance with her doctoral dissertation is one of the fertility doctors who studied Endometrial Receptivity, one of the 3 main points of success of IVF.

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