dr. Rudi Simanjuntak, SpOG

About Me

Dr. Rudi Simanjuntak, SpOG is a specialist Gynecology Obstetrics graduate from Sam Ratulangi School of Medicine in 2012 and the Faculty of Medicine UKRIDA, Jakarta in 2003 and has a number of experiences in training such as the APAC IVF Masterclass Workshop: The pursuit of happiness, Vietnam 2019, Hysteroscopic workshop, PIT POGI Surabaya, 2019. As well as other training experiences in obstetrics and gynecology. Laparoscopic Gynecology Certificate has also been held by doctor Rudi Simanjuntak, SpOG.

dr. Rudi Simanjuntak, SpOG is currently actively working at Morula IVF Tangerang since 2018 and the Bethsaida hospital since 2012.

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