dr. Tita H Madjid, SpOG, K Fer

About Me

The senior doctor who is still actively teaching at the Faculty of Medicine, Padjadjaran University, began his work as a general practitioner in 1982, Dr. Tita devoted herself to the people of Sumedang Regency in Buah Dua Health Center and North Sumedang Health Center.

She continued his Obstetrics and Obstetrics Specialization education at Padjajaran University and graduated in 1994. She dedicated his expertise to the Bandung community at Astana Anyar Hospital and then continued her career as a teaching staff in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Section of the FKUP / RS Dr. Hasan Sadikin. Despite his busy schedule in service, he is still diligent in improving his knowledge and in 2001 became a consultant in the Reproductive Fertility-Endocrinology subspecialist. In 2009, she obtained a Doctorate in the same field. served as chair of the Endocrinology Study Program (KPS) 2010-2016.

dr. Tita is also active in the organization and serves as the chairperson of PERMI West Java and as deputy chairperson of the National Network for Reproductive Health Clinic Training (JNPK-KR) in West Java Province 1995 until now.

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