dr. Wisnu Setyawan, SpOG(K)

About Me:

dr. Wisnu Setyawan, SpOG (K) is a specialist doctor of Obstetrics in Gynecology, graduated from the University of Indonesia in 2007 and graduated from the 2014 FKUI Fertility and Immunoendocrinology Consultant Education (FER). dr. Wisnu Setyawan, SpOG (K) began his career as a PPDS OBGYN in 2003 at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, University of Indonesia, Jakarta. At present dr. Wisnu Setyawan, SpOG is active as a doctor in Morula IVF Tangerang and Permata Ibu Hospital, Tangerang and as a Minimally Invasive Surgeon, Tangerang.

dr. Wisnu Setyawan, SpOG (K) has participated in several recent training and scientific activities including laparoscopic surgery for deep infiltrating endometriosis at IRCAD, Strasbourg, ESHRE laparoscopy surgical competency test, Germany, Ovarian stimulation training, OPU and ET in Crest, Vietnam, Asia Pacific Initiative on Reproductive (ASPIRE) Congress, Hong Kong and 35th Annual Meeting of ESHRE Vienna, Austria.

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