Prof. Arief Boediono, Ph.D.

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Prof. Arief Boediono, Ph.D. is Embryologist (embryologist) alumni of Japan in 1996. Armed with knowledge and experience in the field of biotechnology for the study of modern reproduction, he become one of the pioneers in the development of klinikin fertilitaster prominent in Fukuoka, Japan. Post-Doctoral Fellow in Canada (UBC) and the USA (LSU) adds his experience and knowledge in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).

As Laboratory Director Morula IVF Jakarta, he is also actively follow even as a speaker in various scientific forums both within and outside the country. Increasing productivity through the best technologies become his commitment in the development ART in the country.

"We are currently developing the technologies from conventional to a more advanced way to help couples get a baby. We will provide the best service for you parents".

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