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Doctor MORULA IVF Jakarta

dr. Ivan Sini, SpOG Photo Profile

dr. Ivan Sini, SpOG

Dr Ivan Sini is a gynecologist who has had many experience and recognized reputation both inside and outside the country. He is a graduate of the FKUI (Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia) who
dr. Irham Suheimi, SpOG Photo Profile

dr. Irham Suheimi, SpOG

Dr Irham Suheimi SpOG is a doctor that graduate from University of Andalas who took specializes in the University of Indonesia, where Dr. Irham awarded best SpOG graduates. He already got training and
dr. Anggia M Lubis, SpOG Photo Profile

dr. Anggia M Lubis, SpOG

dr. Anggia M Lubis is a gynecologist doctor graduated from the University of North Sumatra. He has been trained as an infertility expert and were trained as laparoscopist in World Laparoscopy Hospital
dr. Caroline Hutomo, SpOG Photo Profile

dr. Caroline Hutomo, SpOG

This Obstetrician doctor began his career as a general practitioner. After graduating from Faculty of Atma Jaya, dr. Caroline Hutomo devote himself to the public as a clinic doctors. His work as a med
dr. Aryando Pradana, SpOG Photo Profile

dr. Aryando Pradana, SpOG

Dr Aryando Pradana, SpOG are experts in obstetrics and gynecology who has an interest in the field of women's reproductive health, laparoscopic technology and robotic surgery . After completing genera
Prof Arief Boediono PhD Photo Profile

Prof Arief Boediono PhD

Prof. Arief Boediono PhD is Embryologist (embryologist) alumni of Japan in 1996. Armed with knowledge and experience in the field of biotechnology for the study of modern reproduction, he become one o
dr. Agustine Y. Tandang Photo Profile

dr. Agustine Y. Tandang

dr. Agustine Y. Tandang is a very experienced IVF counselor. She has joined the Morula team since 15 years ago. Counseling for the preparation of IVF is very important to follow the stages filled with
dr. Pamela Mulyana Photo Profile

dr. Pamela Mulyana

Dr Pamela is a doctor with specialized training in the field of ultrasonography. She is as well a ultrasonography lecturer from PUSKI.
dr. Arie Adrianus Polim,D.MAS, SpOG(K) Photo Profile

dr. Arie Adrianus Polim,D.MAS, SpOG(K)

Dr Arie Adrianus Polim, D.MAS, SpOG (K), is one of Obstetrics and Gynecology doctor with subspecialty consultants Fertility Reproductive Endocrine owned by RSIA Bunda Jakarta. He studied reproduction

Doctor MORULA IVF Surabaya

DR. dr. H Amang Surya P.,SpOG,F-MAS Photo Profile

DR. dr. H Amang Surya P.,SpOG,F-MAS

Dr dr. H Amang Solar Priyanto, SpOG is a experienced obstetric and gynecology doctor. He had some training in health in some countries such as Singapore, India, Vietnam and the RCOG UK. Currently, he
dr. Ali Mahmud,SpOG,(K)FER Photo Profile

dr. Ali Mahmud,SpOG,(K)FER

Doctor Ali Mahmud SpOG (K) FER is one of obstetrics and gynecology doctor graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Airlangga, Surabaya. He was educated bachelor and master (obstetrics and

Doctor MORULA IVF Padang

dr. Dovy Djanas, SpOG, KFM Photo Profile

dr. Dovy Djanas, SpOG, KFM

Hi, I am dr.Dovy Djanas, Sp.OG (K-FM). I was the son of West Sumatra, born in Padang on 19 April 1968. Already has 2 children and 1 beautiful wife. I graduated from the general doctor Andalas Universi
dr. Yoshida, SpOG Photo Profile

dr. Yoshida, SpOG

Hi, I am dr.Yoshida, Sp.OG, born in Padang May 13, 1972. I graduated from a general practitioner in FK UNAND 1997. Later I served as a PTT doctor in hospitals Sekarwangi Cibadak Sukabumi starting

Doctor MORULA IVF Margonda

dr. Huthia Andriyana, SpOG Photo Profile

dr. Huthia Andriyana, SpOG

Dr.Huthia Andriyana, SpOG was a doctor who completed his education at Gadjah Mada University in 2009 with a Cum Laude predicate and began his career as a general practitioner. In 2015 he graduated as an Obstetrics & Gynecology specialist from the University of Indonesia as well as Cum Laude. Until now, he became a medical team at the Morula (IVF) IVF tube clinic.

Doctor MORULA IVF Melinda Bandung

Dr. Susan Melinda, SpOG Photo Profile

Dr. Susan Melinda, SpOG

The doctor who remains young is the chairman of Melinda Hospital and Melinda Hospital 2. After obtaining the title of general practitioner from the Faculty of Medicine, Padjadjaran University, Bandung, she served as a lecturer at the General Medical Faculty of Maranatha Christian University for 27 years and worked in the internal medicine department Immanuel for 5 years.
dr. Aaron Tigor Sihombing, SpU Photo Profile

dr. Aaron Tigor Sihombing, SpU

dr. Aaron Tigor Sihombing, SpU is a graduate of Padjdjaran University and Urology Specialist from the University of Indonesia. Dr. Aaron took the Fellowship Minimally Invasive Surgery at Vietnam's Ho Chi Monh in 2012, Molecular Biology in Reproduction and Development at Monash University and Robotic Surgery in Chiang Mai Thailand in 2014.

Doctor MORULA IVF Pontianak

dr. Syahnural Lubis, SpOG Photo Profile

dr. Syahnural Lubis, SpOG

dr. Syahnural Lubis, Sp.OG is a specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology from the University of North Sumatra, and has participated in various training in the field of infertility and Laparoscopy both domestically and abroad. He is one of the doctors in Morula IVF Pontianak

Doctor MORULA IVF Makassar

dr.Amelia Abdullah, SpOG, M.Kes Photo Profile

dr.Amelia Abdullah, SpOG, M.Kes

The young ones who created the right tagline for Dr. Amelia Abdullah, SpOG, M.Kes with high busyness, are still dedicated to helping couples get the baby
Prof.Dr.dr.Nusratuddin Abdullah SpOG (K).MARS Photo Profile

Prof.Dr.dr.Nusratuddin Abdullah SpOG (K).MARS

Makassar's IVF Morula Clinic Team was led by Prof. Dr. dr. Nusratuddin Abdullah SpOG (K), MARS. In Makassar, his name is well known especially for married couples who want to undergo a pregnancy program.
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