impotence in men

The size and ability of Mr. P in bed is an essential thing in a man’s mind. However, the anxiety about having problems satisfying your partner in bed, such as impotence, can trigger stress.

Those who want to look prime when satisfying your partner are required to maintain vitality and stamina. Make sure to maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid problems that often affect adult men, such as premature ejaculation, impotence, erectile failure, etc.

The Causes of Impotence in Young Men

Maybe you often hear that older men often experience impotence problems, but young men can also experience this problem. Of course, the failure of the penis to have an erection to the inability of the penis to keep an erection for longer is a frightening thing for all men.

Moreover, a penis that cannot keep an erection longer when men are still in productive age can cause household disharmony.

Impotence is prone to be experienced by men over forty, but you may be that less fortunate man. The reason is impotence can attack a younger age suddenly or gradually.

The characteristics of impotence that you need to know are men experience a decrease in sexual desire. The penis is more difficult to erect and fails to keep an erection long after the early minutes of warming up.

There are several causes of impotence that men should know:

1. Having hormonal disorders

Hormonal disorders can be caused by many things, such as undergoing treatment for certain diseases, consumption of certain types of drugs, and stress. Today, many men complain of stress due to a pile of work in the office, pressure in social life, boredom, and various things that can trigger anxiety.

The way to treat impotence that you can do when it is caused by stress is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Manage your stress by doing more positive activities such as sports, traveling with your loved ones, doing hobbies you like, chatting with friends, and so on.

Everyone has their way of managing stress, right?

2. Suffering from certain diseases

The cause of men experiencing impotence in the age range of 40 and above can be caused by suffering from certain diseases. People who suffer from hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease can experience severe problems unable to keep an erection and may even experience permanent impotence.

In the case of men experiencing a stroke, impotence can be a permanent disease that you must be aware of. In addition, several diseases can also impact a person’s impotence. For example, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, obesity, thyroid hormone disorders, etc.

3. Taking medication

Men who take certain types of drugs may experience impotence problems. Moreover, for those of you who are undergoing treatment for as long as you have a history of the disease, then impotence can negatively impact taking medication.

Some drugs that can cause impotence include anti-hypertensive drugs, antidepressant drugs, anti-allergic drugs, drugs prescribed during prostate cancer treatment, and sedatives.

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4. Experience injury

Maybe you often ask whether impotence can be harmful to reproductive health? Of course, impotence can make your relationship with your partner more tenuous if it lasts for a long time.

In the case of men who have suffered injuries to the penis, spine, pelvis, and bladder, there is a risk of impotence. Of course, you must follow the doctor’s advice in injury recovery so that impotence does not last long.

5. Drug use, smoking, and alcohol

Your sex performance can be bad, an early sign of impotence. A decrease in sexual desire can make your relationship with your partner worse, so it is necessary to self-evaluate from now on. People who use drugs, alcohol consumption, and acute smokers are more susceptible to this impotence problem.

Sexual disorders can occur after you undergo a rehabilitation period, so it takes time for recovery. If you feel there is no interference in intimate relationships even though you consume alcohol or cigarettes, you should stop bad habits from now on.

Think about your future early on to have a brighter life than your career and personal life without getting caught up in drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes.

Consultation with a doctor is the solution for those who want to know how to deal with impotence problems quickly. Later the doctor will get information about your lifestyle, then a physical examination, blood tests, urine tests, tests for blood flow around the penis or Penile Doppler, and examination of psychological conditions.

Do not be ashamed to do the examination now. The impotence you experience can be cured with good treatment.

The Right Way to Overcome Impotence

You should know that impotence and infertility are two different things. If you have impotence, it is mandatory to start undergoing examinations and change a healthy lifestyle so that it does not affect sexual performance with your partner.

Infertility can be caused by poor quality sperm cells due to an unhealthy lifestyle, abnormalities in sperm cells, environmental factors, genetic history, etc.

That doesn’t mean that you who experience impotence will not make your partner pregnant. If you understand the causes of impotence and how to deal with it correctly, the relationship will return to being as warm as it used to be.

Let’s look at some tips for overcoming impotence that many men fear below!

1. Do regular exercise

Take your time to walk every day or at least once a week to keep your body moving healthy. Even for office workers, you can do sports such as walking, stair climbing, stretching muscles at rest, and other moving ideas.

Impotence will be far from your life if you have a body that is always in shape.

2. Consume nutrient-rich foods

There are several types of foods that are believed to prevent impotence early on, including oyster mushrooms, organic meat, fish, apples, bananas, berries, etc.

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3. Avoid alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes

Knowing the causes of impotence can help you find solutions and deal with them appropriately. The cause of impotence is due to an unhealthy lifestyle caused by alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes, so you must avoid it from now on.

Undergoing a rehabilitation period can be an option to free you from addiction to alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs.

4. Get enough rest

Staying up late can make the body more tired, have less blood flow, less oxygen supply, and experience a decrease in sexual desire.

5. Undergo an examination to the doctor

If impotence lasts longer, you should immediately consult a doctor to find out the cause and treat it faster.

Doctors can recommend the correct treatment according to impotence conditions with medication, testosterone injections, special pumps, or surgery as a solution to treat impotence that cannot be cured by other means, except implanting a device that can help the penis erect.

Now you understand the causes of impotence that are often experienced by men and how to deal with them appropriately. Apply a healthy lifestyle to free you from the risk of impotence at a young age.