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Endometriosis and Pregnancy


Can a person with endometriosis conceive? The Answer Can Be. With the help of the correct medical and treatment, endometriosis sufferers can still be pregnant. It's just that, process where relatively complex due to the event of a failure of conception and a few other obstacles. In addition, There was some difficulty of conception that may occur as a result of bonding in the abdominal cavity or endometriosis in ovaries. Endometriosis very potentially cause fertility problems. Nevertheless, women with endometriosis can handle it in several ways. Here are tips for patients with endometriosis to obtain pregnancy.

Even without a serious treatment of, sufferers can still be pregnant with multiple ways. Patients with endometriosis can increase the potential of fertilization by increasing the body's immune. Therefore, important ways for enhance immune body such as consuming a healthy diet and doing exercise will help to reduce the ill effects of endometriosis.
In addition, There are several methods that can be carried to medical to overcome problems of endometriosis and its effect to fertility. The first step to do is to find out as far as what the influence of endometriosis on conditions of pregnancy. Every individual has the ability independently to address health problems. Therefore each patient of endometriosis should know in detail the condition endometriosis in their body and its effects on pregnancy.

For it, necessary information from doctors who will give a thorough explanation. The doctor will determine the State of the patient of endometriosis with methods laparoscopy . This procedure is done to check the condition of the organs in the womb with the procedures include a kind of tube through a small incision. If patients are diagnosed with endometriosis are experiencing the severity in which case damage to the reproductive organs, patients will be encouraged to apply for maternity program. Patients detected suffering from endometriosis is not recommended to postpone pregnancies because of fertility will continue to decline until the potential pregnant will also decline over time delay pregnancy.

In addition, patients should also discuss with the doctor to apply correct methods of pregnancy. Endometriosis sufferers should also designate a time frame to get pregnant if they use methods of drug therapy in order to avoid the negative effects of fetal medicine. The best solution to cope with endometriosis is by lift network operating with endometriosis. In addition, There is also a laser ablation method and method of evaporation which will also be able to help resolve a very detrimental for endometriosis fertility .

The cycle of development of endometriosis undergo a fairly astonishing trend because the number of sufferers of this disease is more and more and many occur in older teens. Women who have suffered alleged disease endometriosis will usually feel a tremendous pain. Socialization of health institutions specifically related to community-wide impact on lack of knowledge society with this disease so they also don't care about the things that might cause this disease appears. Disease of endometriosis is not as popular or as risky as with cervical cancer, breast cancer, bird flu but have an impact on a woman's quality of life. This occurs because the disease endometriosis has to do with problems of infertility or infertility a woman. Therefore, in this occasion we would like to discuss things – things that have to do with endometriosis and infertility.

Endometriosis cysts occur in a network called the endometrium that expands beyond the endometrial tissue that is supposed to be where it is, precisely in a woman's uterine cavity. The fact of the endometrium is the tissue that lines the uterine cavity and periodically will be issued by the body naturally by the menstrual blood.

Disease of endometriosis has not only impacted badly on the psychological state of the sufferer but also a physical side because the disease of infertility related to endometriosis or infertility. The Statistical Data mentioned that 20 until 40 percent of infertility in women occurs due to endometriosis. So many of the young couples who have been married a few years and have not been blessed with children agitated about this disease, endometriosis. Prof. Tedjo also added that disruption of endometriosis is very troubling and certainly partner mentality indirectly will influence the quality of life of a woman who suffered from endometriosis or infertility due to problems infertalitas. The severity of that disease of endometriosis is a type of the disease as the enemy in the blanket. Why is this so? It is associated with a number of the women who did not understand and understand about how, What are the causes and how the handling of this endometriosis disease.

So from here we can pluck a valuable lesson that the women have to be very attentive to their health respectively. Already when you fix the pattern – unhealthy life pattern that endanger your health. In addition routine checked yourself to your doctor specifically addressing reproductive health issues so they can get the proper handling by experts in their fields. Last hope this article could be useful to provide information about the relationship between endometriosis and infertility.

Endometriosis is a condition in which there are abnormalities on the layers that function melingungi cavity gestation (endometrium). Normal conditions are supposed to be on the endometrial cavity of the uterus, However, in the case of endometriosis, endemetrium grow on the outside of the uterus. Endometriosis often occur in organs such as the ovaries, on the intestine, the bladder and under certain conditions occur in the entire pelvic region. Endometriosis although not included in the deadly disease, but do not be underestimated, because it can disrupt fertility for women and can cause incredible pain. If endometriosis is to spread to the brain and lungs, who suffered from endometriosis sufferers can experience deflating the lungs and suffered seizures whenever menstruation. Pain during menstruation is not normal is a frequent complaint in patients with endometriosis. Another common sign is, his difficult got a descent. This is because the endometriosis can damage a woman's reproductive organs and structures to reduce the immune system to attack the incoming sperm.

Endometriosis is not classified into cancer, Although the network grows in abnormal. Abnormalities of endometriosis is not caused by the nature of its, but due to its location that is outside the womb of women. In women who are not pregnant, menstruation will dispose of the endometrium and pregnancy, endometrium becomes as one of the ingredients of makananan for the fetus.

Endometriosis can cause the functioning of some organs not reporoduksi women, biasanya dapat mengganggu dari saluran telurindung telur dan lainnyaEndometriosi dapat menyebabkan sulitnya proses pembuahansehingga janin akan sulit terbentukInilah penyebab pengidap endometriosi akan sulit mendapatkan anakKemudianjika terjadi kehamilanmakaterjadinya kehamilan ektopik (kehamilan di luar kandunganakan berpeluang besar.


Endometriosis memiliki gejala khas antara lain:
• Pada sat menstruasiperut akan terasa nyerikadang diikuti oleh kejang-kejang di otot perut
• Jika akan duduksakit akan terasa pada pinggang
• Bagian panggul akan terasa nyeridi daerah belakang dan samping panggul
• Jika pernah mengalami sakit maagmaka gejala endomteriosis akan mirip saat sakit perut ketika mengalami maag
• Saat buang air besarterasa sakit pada daerah anus dan sekitarnya
• Ada kecenderungan vagina menebal
• Sebelum tiba siklus haiddi dahului oleh munculnya bercak merah
• Pada saat berhubunganakan terasa sakit
• Pada saat haid berlangsungjumlah darah yang keluar berlimpah


If endometriosis occurs due to hormonal disturbances, then this can be cured by using the medicines regulator hormone production. If endometrisosis in the form of cysts, healing can be done with laparoscopic surgery followed by hormonal therapy. If the operation goes well, then the women who experienced a mild endometriosi before likely going back can get pregnant again, but there are also some cases of women suffering from endometriosis can get pregnant without surgery first, then the symptoms of endometriosisnya can be reduced. So, Don't be too anxious if you are having endomteriosis. The odds are still wide open for you to get pregnant, as long as you can implement the pattern of healthy living, positf-minded and do therapy or treatment in accordance with the technical instructions from your doctor.

 Endometriosis and IVF

Benefits and advantages
According to various data and facts that are successfully processed from various sources, benefits, and benefit programs for endometriosis is tube baby:
1. Increase The Opportunities.
The process of fertilization of the ovum by the sperm can be done outside the mother's body, so the chances of the formation of the embryo or fetus will be greater. Endometrial disorder may just close down the road when the ovum going towards the uterus.
2. Prevent Ectopic
Pregnancy outside the womb or an ectopic pregnancy can occur as a result of the egg that has been terbuahi not run towards the uterus, but it is moving towards the outside of the uterus. An ectopic pregnancy is when left will cause the action to do surgery to remove the embryo in the body.
3. Secure
Fetal growth and development conditions will be observed because medical experts will be re-instilled embryos were successfully fertilized egg into the uterus. Of course the replanting of the embryo into the uterus is carried out in the surgical action to get rid of endometriosis has been done.
It's good to do more thorough examination regarding the location of the occurrence of endometriosis before couples decide through pregnancy tube baby for endometriosis. Most medical experts will conduct surgery using laparoscopic electrocautery techniques on the procedures when it turns out there is endometrium which has a larger diameter than 5 cm. Usually after the replanting of the embryo into the uterus, the following symptoms of endometriosis will disappear by itself. Hopefully helpful.


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