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How can people be Infertile?


Infertility is the inability of spouses to achieve pregnancy after 1 in touch without the use of contraceptives or an inability to maintain pregnancy. Generally, couples need 5-6 the month to get pregnant. However, some couples may be faster than that. For most couples the pregnancy occurred naturally in time 1 year, However, 20 % the pair have different stories, they keep on trying and nothing happens or they achieved pregnancy but suffered a miscarriage.

Infertility can be divided into two groups :

  • Primary infertility, the State of infertility experienced by married couples since their initial Wed.
  • Secondary infertility, the State of infertility experienced by married couples who have experienced the process of fertilization after marriage

Some of the possible causes of infertility :

  • 30% infertility due to factors of women
  • 30% infertility is due to male factor
  • 30% infertility due to these two factors women and men
  • Up to 10% infertility is caused by a factor that can not be explained

In General, infertility-related physical conditions, process and timing :

1. Physical Condition

Fertility is determined by the physical condition of husband and wife. This is related to the process of formation as well as the quality of the sperm or egg cells. Testicle can produce 100-200 million cells per day or 1 triliunsel for life. Sperm maturation occurs more or less 70 today. The genital tract in women, sperm cells can live and fertilise the egg between 3-5 today. The ovaries can produce 1 the egg every month. When not fertilized, then the egg cells will die and get off at the time of menstruation.
The quality of sperm and egg cells influenced many factors, whom :

  • Naturally women experiencing menopause phase, which usually occurs between the ages of 40-50 year. In this phase, possibility to acquire smaller breeds. In contrast to male, the process of productive time loss i.e. andropause are usually occurs when a very advanced age.
  • Some genetic abnormalities can affect fertility is mainly related to the genital Anatomy and the hormonal system as well as padasuami's wife.
  • Certain diseases, for example genital tract infection in, varicocel men, ovarian cysts, myomas uteri in women, pregnancy can inhibit.
  • The habit of smoking and drinking alcohol reduces the quality of proven fertility.
  • According to a study, Obesity can affect fertility. In women who are overweight there are abnormalities in hormone gonadotropin secretion by the pituitary gland. These abnormalities may ultimately affect the production of the hormone estrogen and progesterone
  • It-related chemicals and pollution can also reduce quality of high fertility.
  • Much research suggests that stress can impair the fertility process and quality.

2. Process

The occurrence of conception and pregnancy begins with the entry of sperm in the female genital tract and meet the ovum or egg cells in the ovarian duct (tubafalopii). Results of fertilization (the embryo) It is driven toward the uterus to grow in it.
Whether or not the pregnancy process very successfully influenced a few things :

  • Contraceptive methods: The use of condoms in men or women on the diaphragm does not allow the process of fertilization.
  • Some anatomical abnormalities, such abnormalities in the uterus or other genital atausaluran can interfere with the process of pregnancy.
  • Diseases such as myoma uteri, not only is blocking the entry of sperm, but the process also results in the embryo at the uterus interrupted adhesions. Tertutupnya tuba falopii or adhesions can occur due to infection and inflammation, or the growth of connective tissue.

3. Time

The egg is only generated once every month and its age was short. So that knowledge of the lush became a very important thing.
To know the fertile can be done several ways :

  • Calendar method. In using this method, Please note the menstrual cycle individually. Menstruation a woman on average happen every 28-35 today. Ovulation occurs on 14 days before the next menstruation expected. In women with cycles 28 today, ovulation occurs on day 14 (haripertama calculated as menstrual blood out the first of each month). In women with cycles 35 today, ovulation occurs on day 21. It is sometimes inappropriate ways, because estimates of the next menstruation could just miss the mark.
  • The measurement of body temperature. The measurement is done by using the thermometer in the mouth every morning, starting the first day of menstruation before doing the activity. Ovulation occurs when there is a rise of 0.2-0.4 ° C of average normal body temperature (36-37° C).
  • Examination of uterine or cervical mucus. Examination is carried out on the morning of the day after menses ended. Fertile period indicated the presence of mucus is clear and elastic on the outer genital female. This inspection cannot be done when the woman had recently had sexual intercourse
  • Examination of the hormone LH (Luteinizing Hormone) Hormones that affect the process of ovulation. At the time of ovulation is occurring increased levels of LH in urine. This is one of the most accurate determination. But this inspection cannot be done at any time because it requires no small amount of fees. In principle, It takes the same great role of husbands and wives. It takes extra patience because the opportunity to conceive there is only one time during the period of one month. In an attempt to get the pregnancy, required counseling, especially for couples who have problems of sexuality. For some cases, necessary medical measures also. Another thing that is not less important is the attention to the fertile wife because doing intercourse during fertile gives a greater chance to get pregnant. Efforts are no less important is the consuming a balanced meal, healthy, and nutritious.

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