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ICSI and IMSI Technology for IVF


Baby tubes an option Program for married couples which is difficult to obtain fruit hearts. But so far, the success rate is still low and tube baby often experience a failure. Tube baby Program is one of the engineering technique of reproduction, also known as in vitro fertilization (IVF). This tube baby process bring together with husband sperm ovum or egg cell wife outside to the achieved conception.This method is part of the tube baby. These efforts don't always work. Therefore, experts continue to do research to minimize the failure.

The last year, new techniques in the selection of sperm is applied in clinic-fertility clinic in Indonesia. These techniques, i.e. Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection (IMSI), is the technique of selecting sperm to get sperm quality.

"It used to consider only the ovum that determines the quality of the embryos. But then came the sperm also factors determining the quality of the embryos. Therefore, sperm also selected. It turned out to be more good pregnancy number, especially for cases that failed recurring,”

The IMSI technique developed team chaired Professor Benjamin Bartoov of Male Fertility Laboratory, Bar-Ilan University, Israel, year 2002. With the team, Conducting research using microscopes Bartoov advanced to select the shape and characteristics of the sperm.

Sperm quality is thought to be one cause of failure procedure of intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). They suspect, There is nothing a low pregnancy rate through ICSI procedure, correlated with sperm shape abnormality that is not detected through ICSI procedure.

ICSI is a technique that is widely used in baby tube method, In addition to conventional techniques. In conventional IVF, a single egg is reunited with 50.000-100.000 sperm in a petri dish that one good sperm into the egg cell so that conception.

IVF-ICSI technique, a single sperm is injected into an egg cell so that conception. This technique is done when there is a problem in sperm, for example, sperm are not able to get into the egg with his energies on its own. “Here's How, Once broken, his neck then sperm is injected into an egg cell,”.

Enlargement 6.000 times

from this IMSI, the development of ICSI for sperm selection with more specific use microscope capable of high. This technique allows expert embryologist looking sperm more details, namely, through the enlargement of 6.000 times. Thus, can be analyzed parameters of fertility and sperm morphology. In ICSI, sperm are selected through the enlargement 400 times.

Year 2003, the team publishes research Bartoov selection procedure where the sperm with the techniques of IMSI numbers are proven to improve pregnancy for couples with repeated failures. This research involves each 50 the couple in the group compared to the ICSI and IMSI.

The Result, the number of couples using the IMSI pregnancy experienced very significant (66 percent), compared with couples who only use ICSI technique (33 percent).

"In ICSI sperm selected is considered good. However, reality, the selected sperm turns out to have a weakness that is not visible. With the IMSI pembesarannya much higher, disadvantages it could look,”.

Sperm will affect the quality of the embryos. Poor quality embryos pregnancy failure increases.

Year 2006, follow-up research involving 80 pair in each group. The group that used the techniques of IMSI, the pregnancy rate achieved 60 percent. On couples who use ICSI pregnancy only 25 percent.

The number of miscarriages is also down significantly. Couples who use the IMSI number kegugurannya only 14 percent, While the miscarriage on couples with ICSI technique reach 40 percent. A study conducted in Italy years 2008 also shows similar results.

Eppendorf, a company's suppliers for IMSI products, mention, 500 the baby had been born in Israel with the IMSI procedure. In Europe totaling more than 200 baby.

In Indonesia, This technique was new and recently applied at some fertility clinics. Including Morula Ivf located in JL. teuku cik dirito Menteng No. 12, Jakpus.This technique can be a new hope to couples who want to menimang fruit hearts.


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