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Methods to Increase Ovum Quality

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Fertilization will occur if both of sperm cell and ovum are healthy. The health of ovum could be increased with methods below:

  1. To smoothen blood flow and oxygenation

Oxygen will be brought by blood into the ovaries. The lack of exercise resulting in the lack of oxygen inside the blood. Lack of fluid or lack of drinking water, could also cause oxygen shortage in blood.

Beside a good amount of exercise and drinking, massage could also help smoothen the blood flow, which will bring oxygen until ovaries.

  1. Hormone balance

Stress and unhealthy diet, could potentially disrupt the hormone balance. Hormone imbalance could be noted by irregularity of menstruation, or even ovulation does not happen at all.

  1. Nutrition Intake

Anything that you eat will affect the ovum health. Whether it is good or bad. Foods that could make a healthy ovum are: broccolis, fish, pumpkin seeds, ginger, sesame seeds, dark-greenish vegetables, royal jelly, turmeric and fruits. While foods that could harm the ovum health are: tobacco, caffeine, alcohol, over consumption of sugar, preserved foods, and low fat diet.

  1. Antioxidants

Foods that contain antioxidants could prevent ovum damage that caused by free radicals that produced by foods. Damage also could happen in DNA cells. Substances that contain antioxidants were numerous in foods that contain essential amino acid like L-arginine, which could increase the responsiveness of ovum.

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