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The Importance of Preparing the Pregnancy

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Child is the most beautiful gift for a couple. It can’t be denied that presence of a child is very desired and long-awaited. The presence of a child hoped could strengthen the bond of husband and wife.

Unfortunately, for some people, having a child is not always easy. Because of that, couples are willing to do anything for the sake of having a child.

Female body was designed such a way as to become a place for growth and development of a fetus, until it is born in sufficient age which around 37 to 40 weeks.

The fetus health, includes body organ formation and the completeness of its limbs, is fully depend on the health of both prospective mother and father. This is why a thorough health preparation have to be done long before married.

Pregnancy preparations are needed for:

  1. Ease of fertilization or conception
  2. Undergo a healthy pregnancy. Prevent or minimize pregnancy complication.
  3. Give a birth to a healthy baby
  4. Ease of recovery after giving birth
  5. Undergo post-childbirth with more happiness
  6. Minimize the appearance of health problems which will experienced by the baby later in its adult life

The things that should not be forgotten is the pre-marital preparation. Economical factor usually becomes the most important factor for soon to be married couples. Career and good earnings that will ensure the availability of primary need for the whole family, are indeed important.

But there is another thing that is no less important than others, which usually ignored and addressed as “let’s think about it later after we’re married”, is the matter of couple’s health, regarding on their reproduction role as human beings.

Most of the people does not know their body condition with certainty. Maybe they look healthy, but in reality have undetected health problems, for example infectious disease or hereditary disease. For couple that want to get married, pre-marital check-up will help them to recognize things that could potentially harm their health with its risks and the possibility of it to grow in the future.

Couple that have blood relation are in risk to give a birth to a child with abnormalities or genetic diseases. This is why it is important to conduct the test to find out their potential genetic disease and help them to overcome it. Pre-marital check-up is a series of comprehensive tests which is suggested for couple that want to get married.

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