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For couples who waited too long for a baby, surely have many questions regarding the topic. On his book, Dr. Ivan Rizal Sini, MD, FRANZCOG, GDRM, SpOG, answered questions regarding the effort to have a baby which usually asked to prospective parents.

  1. When is the right time for sexual intercourse?

Mostly, woman fertile period happened about 4 – 5 days before ovulation. Basically, sperm could survive for 72 hours, but the ovum can only survive not more than 24 hours. Pregnancy could be happened if the sexual intercourse was done when the ovulation approaching, or as soon as the ovulation happened. If the wife doesn’t know the period of her ovulation, it is suggested to have sexual intercourse every two days, started from the 10th days until the 18th days on their ovulation period.

  1. My wife is overweight. Does she have to reduce her weight so she could get pregnant?

Overweight and obesity could make it difficult for the wife to get pregnant. The high blood fat could affect hormone that influence ovulation cycle and ovum maturation. Even though the pregnancy occurred, overweight could increase pregnancy risk like diabetes and hypertension even pre-eclampsia.

  1. What things that could affect fertilization?

The balance of the hormone to ripen the ovum and normal ovulation. Sexual intercourse have to be done during the fertile cycle. The sperm also have to move strongly, with no barriers like clogged fallopian tube which could obstruct sperm reaching the ovum.

  1. Is it normal for pregnancy to be difficult?

Many couples feel assured that getting pregnant is easy, but always surprised when the wife do not get pregnant. A chance to get pregnant in every menstruation cycle, happened to 1 of 4 fertile couple. 8 of 10 women, get pregnant within her first year of marriage. Women that try to get pregnant without medical intervention also could take until 2 years to get pregnant. It is common for couples that have difficulty in getting pregnant to seek for assistance. Their willingness to get assistance depend on several factors, for example age. Women who approach 40 years of age generally are not interested to seek for assistance.

  1. How to know the existence of infertility?

The test has to be conducted to find out who had the problems in fertility, the husband or the wife.

  1. Is fertility problems only happen to the wife?
  2. Is sexual intercourse position influence the speed for fertilization to happen?

After the ejaculation happened, sperm will move towards the ovum, so there are no significant correlation between sexual intercourse position and the speed for fertilization to happen.

  1. My wife looked enthusiast in waiting the pregnancy. Is it normal?

Remember that wife that trying to get pregnant have made commitment to change a large part of her life. For many prospective mothers, it concern to make a fundamental life choice. After deciding to have child, prospective mothers could left their past pleasures like clubbing, smoking, staying up late and indiscriminate eating. They also started to add new lifestyle, which is exercising. After a big change on their lifestyle, they certainly want the pregnancy to happen soon.

  1. What do I have to do if my wife worried because she couldn’t get pregnant after 1 year of marriage?

Listen to her complaint. Try to remind her that she could still wait for about six to twelve months to get pregnant. Live your days to be more relaxing, and do a fun and healthy lifestyle. Remind your wife that the times before pregnancy is a good time to enjoy your life together before it filled with caring and nurturing children. Go get a new honeymoon, and lastly try to consult with doctor.

  1. Is there any food that could increase chance of fertility

Vitamins & Minerals that exist inside food are indeed contribute for both husband and wife’s fertility. Food that contain saturated fat is not recommended. For both sides, a high fat content in blood could disrupt the hormone that related to conception. For the wife, fat could bothered the ovulation cycle. For the husband, high level of fat could disrupt the hormone that produced sperm. Food that contain anti-oxidant could help produce healthy sperm cell and ovum.

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