pregnant with twins

Being pregnant with twins, but your test pack is negative, is one of the conditions women may experience. So, it happens when you examine your test pack, and the results are negative. But when you check with the doctor, the doctor says that you are pregnant with twins.

So how can this happen? What causes a negative test pack but is pregnant with twins? Here’s the review. 

Is it Possible to Get Pregnant When The Test Pack Results are Negative?

There is no need to be sad for those who have a negative test pack because it does not mean you are not pregnant. A negative test pack result doesn’t always mean you’re not pregnant. This condition is known as the prozone effect, in which the results of pregnancy tests are negative in women who have very high HCG levels.

In general, the level of the HCG hormone in women who are pregnant in the early weeks is shallow. HCG will be produced by the body when an egg is attached to the uterine wall. A test pack can detect this increase in HCG levels.

Well, in pregnant women with twins, the HCG hormone in early pregnancy is very high. High levels of HCG in early pregnancy prevent antibodies from binding to the hormone, so when a test pack is checked, the results are negative. This condition is known as the prozone effect.

So, getting pregnant with twins and having a negative test pack is possible. In pregnant women with one baby, the amount of HCG hormone reaches a maximum of 250 thousand mIU/mL. Meanwhile, in pregnant women with twins, the HCG hormone reaches thousands of mIU/mL. 

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Other Causes of Negative Testpack

Getting pregnant with twins and having a negative test pack are often false negatives. This condition occurs when the test pack results show negative results, even though you are pregnant.

You need to know that false negatives do not only occur in twin pregnancies. Several conditions cause a negative test pack even though you are pregnant, such as:

  1. It’s too early to check for pregnancy
  2. HCG hormone is still too low
  3. Wrong in using test pack
  4. Slow ovulation
  5. The pregnancy test kit has expired
  6. Ectopic pregnancy
  7. Cancer

So, to make sure that you are pregnant or not, an examination by a gynecologist is needed. Later the doctor will perform a trans-vaginal ultrasound or abdominal ultrasound to confirm whether there is a fetus in the uterus. In addition, blood tests can also be done to check accurately.

So, the condition of being pregnant with negative test pack twins is possible. Test pack is just a tool that has the potential for error. You can detect pregnancy by doing ultrasound and blood tests so that the results are accurate.