sex positions to get pregnant fast

Married couples can make many efforts to get a baby quickly. One of them is by trying various sex positions to get pregnant quickly. Although it has not been scientifically proven, certain positions during sexual intercourse are believed to increase getting pregnant.

Curious about what positions are recommended? The following is the full review.

Sex Positions To Get Pregnant Fast

Any position that is used as an equal chance of causing pregnancy. However, the following positions are considered a more significant opportunity to quicken pregnancy.

1. Missionary 

The missionary position is making love with the woman lying on her back below the man. Missionary is believed to be the position of making love to get pregnant quickly. The reason is that penetration can occur deeper with men being above women and facing each other.

Deeper penetration activity itself can increase the chances of getting pregnant because the sperm cells released during ejaculation will directly approach the fallopian tube or the egg’s location.

Apart from that, this classic style of having sex is also trendy worldwide. However, some couples do not like this position because men mainly do the penetration movement.

2. Leg on Shoulder Position

The following sex position that can be tried to get pregnant quickly is the leg on the shoulder position. This style is almost the same as the missionary position, but the difference is there are variations in the female legs being lifted to the shoulders of the partner.

This effort is carried out to bring the sperm cells closer to the cervix, thereby increasing the chances of fertilization.

3. Reverse Cowgirl

The reverse cowgirl position is one style of sex that can be tried when the couple has an inverted uterus. The goal is to make it easier for sperm cells to reach the uterus. The question is, can the woman above be pregnant?

Compared to the missionary position, the reverse cowgirl style is considered more effective for women who have an inverted womb position. So, it never hurts for you to try.

It is pretty easy to do it. The woman is on top of the man, lying down like a regular cowgirl. However, this time the woman turned her back on her couple.

In addition, the position, also known as a woman on top, also puts women in control of the depth of penetration and speed so that they can both create a sense of comfort.

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4. Doggy Style

Most women will get peak orgasm when having sex in this position. Therefore, do not be surprised if the doggy style is considered a favorite position in sexual intercourse.

From a medical point of view, the doggy style position is considered effective for increasing pregnant chances. The doggy style, which is done by penetrating from behind, will make the penis reach the back of the cervix maximally.

The theory is the same as the missionary sex position, based on deep penetration. This condition is thought to be able to help sperm cells to meet the egg cell so that fertilization can occur quickly.

5. Rear Entry Position

The Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy report states that the rear entry position can make the penis go deeper than the missionary position. This is why this position is considered effective in increasing the chances of pregnancy.

The rear entry is a sex position where the woman is lying on her stomach while the man penetrates the vagina by pressing it through the back.

To not seem boring, rear entry style variations can be done on the chair, the edge of the bed or the floor.

6. Wheelbarrow Style

Making love with the wheelbarrow position may not be suitable for some couples because this style is included in the category of acrobatic, which can be exhausting. This position, which is a variation of the conventional doggy style, can also cause minor injuries such as sprains or cramps.

However, the wheelbarrow position is considered one of the effective styles to speed up pregnancy. Mainly if the woman immediately lies on her back when the man ejaculates.

The “pushcart” position itself can be done by women taking a crawling style such as doggy style, where the position of both hands is on the bed or the floor to hold. Then from behind, the man lifts the woman’s body and holds her legs up to waist level.

7. Side-by-Side Scissor Position

You can try the side-by-side scissor to get a baby quickly. The position itself can be done on the bed, sofa or floor according to comfort preferences.

When doing this style, make sure your partner’s body is tilted and facing each other. Then when it penetrates, both legs flank and cross each other, much like scissors.

Besides making it easier for sperm cells to reach the uterus, this style is usually chosen because it can create a romantic atmosphere. Positions facing each other will also have a romantic effect, especially since both parties are in an equal place to adjust the rhythm as desired.

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Alternative Modern Sex Style

Besides using the various sex positions previously mentioned, you and your partner can also try some more modern sex positions, such as:

1. Spooning Style

Spooning is a modern style of intercourse suitable for both young and old couples. This style can be done when you and your partner are almost exhausted but still wants to make out.

The choice of variations in the spooning position also makes this style not dull. To do this, make sure you and your partner are in a sideways position with the same direction of view. Men will hug women from behind, followed by slow and light penetration.

2. Crab Walk

Crab walk can be an option to increase the impression of romance and intimacy with your partner. This position is done by looking at each other in a sitting state and both legs bent. You and your partner can penetrate by pushing each other according to the desired rhythm.

3. Three-Legged Dog

The position of the three-legged dog can be the next choice so that your sexual activity is not boring. However, you and your partner need a good body balance to do this style.

How to do it is pretty simple. First of all, you and your partner must stand facing each other. Then one of the legs of the woman is folded to the hip of the man. To be more comfortable and enter, try your position as close as possible to your partner.

Those are some examples of sex positions to get pregnant quickly that you can try. Please note pregnancy itself can occur not only because of the influence of sex style or intensity of intercourse. But it is also influenced by the quality of sperm and the condition of a woman’s fertile period. So, do not be discouraged if, until now, you have not succeeded in achieving the desire to have a child.