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Morula IVF Indonesia is part of the Bundamedik Healthcare System which focuses on developing the "Morula IVF" fertility clinic in Indonesia. In the development of the Bundamedik Healthcare System, in 1997 established the Morula Fertility Clinic, which has now been renamed Morula IVF Jakarta, has become one of the largest fertility clinics in Indonesia with an increase in patients following the IVF program increasing every year with average growth 30% per year.

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IVF or In Vitro Fertilization

Is a technique of Assisted Reproduction by mating with sperm in a certain number of eggs, laid in a cup containing a particular medium, the whole process is done outside the human body. Marriage and conditioning between sperm cell and an egg cell is done using the culture media and carried out in the Laboratory of Embryology.

Mechanical Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is done when sperm analysis results show the quality and quantity of sperm is very minimal. For the conception, or marriage, namely human assistance is needed in this case, that is by injecting a single sperm into an egg.

Incubation was carried out for a few days to monitor the occurrence of normal fertilization to form the embryo which is then sprayed into the uterus, 2 or in 3 days after egg retrieval procedure done.

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Thanks a lot to BIC for our dream team for making come true in first try. The sisters are friendly and helpful, doctors are competent and communicative. No shame to recommend BIC to family and friends. Psst, it's been proven that others also succeeded.

Rio, Grace & Matthew
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