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The Program for Pregnant with Twins is Easy, Here’s How!

January 8, 2022

The Program for Pregnant with Twins is Easy, Here’s How!

Having twins can be difficult, but it looks like fun right? Many married couples want to have twins because they are considered cute. You need to know that there are two types of twins: identical twins and non-identical twins. Identical twins occur when two or more babies are in one pouch or two sacs with the same placenta. Non-identical twins occur when the egg is fertilized by two or more different sperm.

So how do you get twins? What factors affect multiple pregnancies? Come, see the following reviews!

Factors Affecting Pregnancy with Twins

Several factors influence pregnancy with twins. Not all mothers can become pregnant with twins. Several things can increase the chances of conceiving twins. Let’s see the factors:

1. Age factor

The first factor that affects pregnancy is age factor. Mothers over the age of 30 have a greater chance of conceiving twins. This is because follicle-stimulating hormone increases with age. This hormone helps the development of egg cells in the ovaries.

Older women need higher follicle-stimulating hormones than younger women. With the increase in this hormone, conceiving twins is even greater.

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2. Weight

The weight of the mother-to-be also affects the chances of conceiving twins. Women who are overweight have a greater chance of conceiving twins. Excessive fat in women affects the increase in estrogen levels. This increased estrogen can stimulate the ovaries to release more than one egg when ovulation occurs.

3. Genes or heredity

Next, the chances of conceiving twins also increase with a gene or family history, both on the male and female sides. However, not all couples with the gene for twins can get pregnant.

4. Height

The next factor that affects the pregnancy of twins is the mother’s height. Women with a height above 165 cm have a greater chance of conceiving twins than women who have a lower height.

Tips and Programs for Pregnant with Twins

Unfortunately, having twins is not easy. If they do not have the genes or offspring of twins, the husband and wife must carry out a twin pregnancy program. The twin pregnancy program is carried out in various ways, from natural to medical methods. Well, for those of you who want to try the twin pregnancy program, you can do the following tips to get twins.

1. Consuming milk and its derivatives

The first twin pregnancy program is by consuming many dairy products and derivatives. Women who consume dairy products during the pregnancy program can get pregnant with twins five times compared to those who do not. The presence of growth hormone in dairy products affects the potential for conceiving twins.

So for those of you who want to get pregnant with twins, you can regularly drink milk, either pure cow’s milk or other dairy products such as cheese or yogurt. If you do it regularly, the potential for conceiving twins will increase.

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2. Getting pregnant while still breastfeeding

Exclusive breastfeeding can prevent pregnancy. But that doesn’t mean that breastfeeding mothers can’t get pregnant. Breastfeeding mothers have a greater chance of conceiving twins. A study revealed that breastfeeding mothers have the chance of conceiving twins is up to 11.4%. This opportunity is greater than women who are not breastfeeding.

3. Stop taking birth control pills

The next tip for conceiving twins is to stop taking birth control pills. When you stop taking birth control pills, a woman’s body needs time to get back to its natural rhythm. It increases pregnancy hormones in women. As a result, the chances of conceiving twins are greater.

4. Consumption of zinc

The twin pregnancy program can be done by eating foods that contain zinc. Especially in men, zinc can stimulate the production of more sperm so that the possibility of fertilization of more than one egg increases. Some foods that contain zinc include green vegetables, bread, whole grains, oysters, and others. In addition, the consumption of zinc supplements is also recommended for couples who want to carry out a twin pregnancy program.

Zinc-rich foods such as green leafy vegetables, oysters, bread, and whole grains stimulate sperm production. Therefore, it increases the chances of fertilization of more than one egg.

5. Consuming herbal plants

You can also consume certain herbal plants for those who want to conceive twins. Several herbs can help increase fertility and the chances of conceiving twins, such as evening primrose oil, licorice, linseed oil, Thai cassava, and maca root.

6. Set the pregnancy interval

To have twins, you also need to set the interval between pregnancies. Give enough pause or distance because the distance of pregnancy that is too close can inhibit the possibility of conceiving twins. So if you want twins, make sure you space your pregnancies correctly.

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7. Certain sex positions

Finally, the program for conceiving twins can be done by having sexual relations with certain positions. It turns out that the position is also quite influential on the possibility of conceiving twins. Some sex positions that increase the chances of conceiving twins include missionary, side by side, and standing up.

Those are some of the factors that affect twin pregnancies and some tips on pregnancy programs that you can do. Having twins is the dream of many married couples, but it doesn’t matter if you haven’t succeeded in getting twins. The most important thing is that your pregnancy is healthy and born safely. Consult with medical personnel during pregnancy so that your pregnancy is healthy and smooth.

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