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VIP Incubator

VIP Incubator

Timelapse (VIP incubator) is a device/technology used in IVF programs to help monitor the development of embryos that are developed in the laboratory continuously from day 1 to day 5/6. The device itself consists of a triple gas incubator, a camera microscope, and is equipped with software that allows embryologists to monitor the development of embryos in real-time without having to open the incubator door, which can disrupt the stability of the optimal environment (temperature and pH) for embryo development. Timelapse can help to select embryos with ideal morphokinetics, which are embryos with a high potential for implantation for pregnancy.

One of the timelapse incubators used by Morula IVF Indonesia is the Miri TL machine, which can provide high-quality timelapse images in “real-time” so that it can observe the development of embryos from fertilization on the first day to the fifth day of embryo development (blastocyst) to identify healthy embryos with a high probability of implantation to increase the success rate of pregnancy.

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