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Sperm Freezing

Sperm Freezing

Sperm freezing is a medical technology that allows human sperm to be stored in a condition that allows it to survive for a relatively long period of time. This technology is very beneficial for couples who want to preserve their reproductive ability in the future.

Sperm freezing is done by adding sperm from ejaculation or aspiration/biopsy with a specific medium containing cryoprotectants, then placing it in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -196°C. Sperm stored in this condition can last for decades, as long as it is still stored at that temperature.

Indications for sperm freezing include patients who will undergo chemotherapy/radiation therapy, sperm from PESA/TESE, a backup due to very low sperm count, and as a backup because the husband cannot be present during the IVF process.

Sperm freezing is beneficial for couples who want to undergo pregnancy programs with ICSI reproductive technology. By using sperm that has been stored previously, couples do not need to worry about not getting sperm on the day H when the sperm is combined with the egg.

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