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Embryo Freezing

Embryo Freezing

Embryo freezing, also known as cryopreservation of embryos, is a medical technique to maintain embryos in a cold temperature for future use. After embryos are created through in vitro fertilization, they can be stored in a cold temperature at -196 degrees Celsius using liquid nitrogen.

Embryo freezing is done because of several indications:

  1. Patient’s condition is not yet optimal for the embryo transfer procedure (medical indications such as preventing OHSS, suboptimal hormonal conditions, and thin endometrial thickness)
  2. Excess of embryos with good quality during the IVF program
  3. Patients are undergoing PGT-A/PGTM program

Embryo freezing with vitrification technique is a relatively safe and effective technique, because embryos are stored in a very low temperature, the cells in the embryos are inactive and almost do not experience damage during the freezing and storage process.

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