About Morula IVF

Morula IVF Indonesia is part of the Bundamedik Healthcare System which focuses on developing the “Morula IVF” fertility clinic in Indonesia. In the development of the Bundamedik Healthcare System, in 1997 established the Morula Fertility Clinic which has now been renamed Morula IVF Jakarta, has become one of the largest fertility clinics in Indonesia with an increasing number of patients participating in the IVF program increasing each year with an average growth by 30% per year.

Realizing how high the need for good standardized fertility program services and producing good outcomes, the Bundamedik Healthcare system is committed to continuing to develop Morula IVF fertility clinics in Indonesia under the umbrella of “Morula IVF Indonesia”, which until now there have been 10 Morula IVF clinics

  • Morula IVF Clinic Jakarta
  • Morula IVF Clinic Padang
  • ]Morula IVF Clinic Margonda
  • Morula IVF Clinic Surabaya
  • Morula IVF Clinic Melinda Bandung
  • Morula IVF Clinic Pontianak
  • Morula IVF Clinic Makassar
  • Morula IVF Clinic Yogjakarta
  • Morula IVF Clinic Tangerang
  • Morula IVF Clinic Ciputat

Our Services

Morula IVF Clinic focuses on helping couples who crave babies. With service products in the form of suitable fertility programs and based on the right indications for prospective parents with strict standardization monitored by Morula IVF Indonesia. Using the "Morula IVF" brand is an added advantage because the Morula IVF brand is now strong thanks to the quality and competence of expert doctors and Embryologists and Nurses with more than 16 years experience.

Our Achievement

Morula's rapid development can be proven by the various awards we received

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