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6 Benefits of Term Pregnancy for Pregnant Women and Babies

November 21, 2022

6 Benefits of Term Pregnancy for Pregnant Women and Babies

Have you ever heard of term pregnancy baby? For some people, this term is familiar, but they do not understand what term pregnancy is. Later many terms will be heard during pregnancy. Like it or not, this term needs to be understood to make it easier for mothers to go through the pregnancy period.

Based on a study conducted by The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, term pregnancy is the most favorable and beneficial pregnancy. So what is term pregnancy, and what are the benefits? Check out the following reviews.

Definition of Term Pregnancy

Term pregnancy is a normal, mature, and full pregnancy based on the time of pregnancy. Term pregnancy lasts for 37 to 40 weeks. That means a mother who gives birth at 37 weeks to 40 weeks is a term pregnancy.

Pregnancy at term is divided into 3 groups, namely:

  • Early aterm: 37 weeks 0 days to 38 weeks 7 days
  • Full aterm: 39 weeks 0 days to 40 weeks 7 days
  • Late aterm: 41 weeks 0 days to 41 weeks 7 days

Of the 3 groups of term pregnancies, full-term is the ideal pregnancy. At 39-40 weeks, the baby is mature and ready to be born. The baby’s brain is fully developed, and he already has good breastfeeding skills.

While babies born before 37 weeks of age are called premature babies, premature babies have a very vulnerable medical history because they are not ready to be born. For this reason, premature babies will generally be put into the NICU or incubator before being treated with the mother.

While babies born more than 42 weeks are called post-term, babies born post-term are at risk of experiencing problems such as cloudy membranes, amniotic fluid poisoning, and others that are dangerous. For this reason, if the baby has not been born at the age of more than 42 weeks, the doctor will perform labor induction.

Benefits of Term Pregnancy

Pregnancy at term is undoubtedly very much awaited by mothers. Generally, mothers who are pregnant at term will give birth to healthy and perfect babies. In addition, term pregnancy also provides benefits for both mother and baby. What are the advantages?

1. Optimal Baby Growth

First, the advantage of term pregnancy is that the baby can develop more fully and mature in the womb. Until the age of 40 weeks, babies continue to experience rapid development every week. This period is called the most important period for babies to develop.

Babies who have optimal development in the mother’s stomach will be more ready to be born. This will be the provision of the baby to continue to grow healthy when born later. That is why term babies generally can go home immediately without intensive care first.

2. Baby’s Organs are Perfectly Developed

All of the baby’s organs, including the brain, liver, lungs, and others, will grow throughout pregnancy. And in the final weeks, the new organs are considered perfect.

Even the baby’s brain matures at the age of 39-40 weeks, while at under 36 weeks, the baby’s brain development only reaches 75%, likewise with the lungs and other organs.

3. Have a Low Health Risk

Because they have perfect organs and optimal growth and development, babies born at term will experience low health risks. This is in contrast to babies born preterm, at risk of long-term health problems.

Pregnancy at term provides an opportunity for the baby to control the temperature well at birth. The temperature inside the mother’s warm womb is undoubtedly different from the outside world unfamiliar to the baby.

4. Baby’s Respiratory System are Better

Another advantage of term pregnancy is the baby’s better respiratory system. Reporting from OSF Healthcare, babies born under 37 weeks of age are susceptible to breathing problems. Even in babies prone to being born prematurely, doctors will do lung injections first so that the baby is more ready to be born.

Therefore, full-term babies generally have excellent breathing. Babies can breathe free air without assistance, such as tubes, breathing apparatus, and others.

5. Smoother Birth Labor

Mothers who are pregnant at term generally have a better delivery experience. Usually, delivery will go smoothly and with minimal problems. Labor contractions are also normal, so the mother does not need labor induction.

On the other hand, babies born prematurely or postterm are at risk of having a more difficult delivery. Even the risk of childbirth complications is also increasing in this pregnancy condition.

6. Baby Can Breastfeed Well

Another advantage of being pregnant at term is the baby’s ability to suckle correctly. Breastfeeding skills are very important for babies to survive. In the first 3×24 hours, the baby does not need to get breast milk, but after that, he has to adjust to the mother’s breast to get food.

Well, the good news, term babies generally have excellent sucking and swallowing abilities. Of course, with this ability, babies will get good nutrition for their growth and development.

Tips for Getting Term Pregnancy 

Pregnancy at term is a mother’s dream. Of course, this makes mothers wonder how to get the ideal term pregnancy because it is undeniable that the risk of giving birth in less or more months does exist.

For this reason, you can apply the following tips to get a term pregnancy.

  1. Have a peaceful pregnancy
  2. Routine pregnancy control
  3. Eat healthy and nutritious food
  4. Avoid foods that trigger diabetes and hypertension
  5. Exercise regularly
  6. Avoid viruses and bacteria with a clean lifestyle
  7. Make sure sexual intercourse is done safely

However, you need to know that not all mothers can give birth at term. Even in some conditions, immediate delivery is required, for example, for mothers who have pregnancy complications, are pregnant with twins, or premature rupture of membranes. Because, in essence, saving the lives of mothers and babies is much more important.

For this reason, always consult with your doctor about the health of your pregnancy so that you can give birth smoothly and well. And don’t forget to try the ways above to prevent babies from being born prematurely and getting pregnant at term. Keep your spirits up!

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