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Characteristics of Weak Womb and How to Overcome It

December 13, 2022

Characteristics of Weak Womb and How to Overcome It

One of the reproductive problems that women often experience is a weak womb. This condition occurs when the cervix, connected to the vagina, peels off before 40 weeks. The cervix or cervix that opens prematurely is one of the characteristics of a weak uterus.

The cervix makes the pregnancy unsustainable. Babies can be born prematurely or even die before being born. It can occur in any phase of pregnancy, but this interaction is caused by the second trimester of pregnancy. So what are the characteristics of the womb that women need to watch out for? Here’s the review.

1. Pressure on the Pelvis

The first characteristic of a weak uterus is a feeling of pressure in the Pelvis. Women who experience this will feel comfortable when sitting, even requiring assistance sitting for more than 30 minutes.

2. Back Pain

Women with weak wombs also often feel the back of the back. Generally, this pain appears suddenly without any previous symptoms. If you experience this, you need a seat with a backrest to prevent your back from hurting even more.

3. Stomach Cramps

The next symptom of a weak womb is pain or cramping in the abdomen. This cramping sensation feels like during menstruation. Of course, you must watch this condition, so the cramping doesn’t get worse.

4. Smelly vaginal discharge

Women with weak wombs also feel vaginal discharge with a strong odour. Leucorrhoea is normal for women, but if a vaginal discharge has an unusual colour and smell, it can be one of the characteristics of a weak womb.

5. Light Bleeding

The next sign of a weak uterus is the presence of light bleeding from the intimate organs. Generally, this happens because the fetus does not grow in the womb but outside the uterus. This condition becomes severe if accompanied by stomach cramps.

After knowing the characteristics of the weak womb above, you surely don’t want to experience it. Yes, a weak womb in women can be prevented by having regular check-ups with a doctor to see the condition of pregnancy. The doctor will check every month to see if the uterus is still good, the amniotic fluid is sufficient, and the baby is normal. In addition, consuming nutritious foods and preventing exposure to cigarettes during pregnancy are very important to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

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