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Delaying Pregnancy and the Risks to Fertility

May 31, 2020

Delaying Pregnancy and the Risks to Fertility

Delaying Pregnancy and the Risks to Fertility Pregnancy indeed has to be planned and needs preparation. Couples who decide to get married do not necessarily mean they are ready to have one child.

Many couples who want to delay to have children with reasons for wanting to adapt first with a partner, completing education, achieve economic security, have recently moved jobs and others.

Delaying pregnancy is believed to have an impact on infertility. Is it true? Delay pregnancy until the age limit decreases the quality of the egg (32
years) will have an impact on fertility. This is because the quality of the egg will continue decreases with age. Decreased cell quality decreases
possibility of pregnancy.

Delaying pregnancy using an IUD has a risk minor occurrence of infection of the pelvis (pelvic cavity). Lack of hygiene
in the vaginal area will make it easier for bacteria to enter the uterus and nest on contraception.Infections marked with ‘vaginal discharge’ can enter up to fallopian tubes and blockage of the ducts which prevents sperm from reaching the cells egg.

Whereas delaying pregnancy using hormonal contraception especially depo-provera, injections and norplan, need time to restore the hormone cycle in its original condition, as before using contraception this.Pil nature prevents the production of cervical fluid that is useful for smooth sperm rate.Depo-provera and implants prevent its occurrence ovulation and menstruation. So when using both types of contraception. This is stopped, sometimes it takes a while to get return to normal ovulation and menstrual cycles.

Discuss safe and appropriate forms of contraception, with your doctor.

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