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How to Take Care of Premature Babies at Home, Please Note!

March 3, 2023

How to Take Care of Premature Babies at Home, Please Note!

How to care for premature babies at home should be done extra carefully. Premature babies are babies born before 37 weeks of gestation. The birth is too fast, so the organs of the premature baby’s body, especially the lungs, are not mature enough to perform their functions.

The risk of health problems for premature babies is high. Therefore, premature babies need special care. Let’s look at the following ways to care for premature babies.

1. Understand the Baby’s Condition

Before treating a premature baby at home, consult a doctor about the baby’s condition. More and more answers on how to care for premature babies after hospital discharge can be given correctly. If you notice any changes in his condition, immediately consult a doctor.

2. Exclusive Breastfeeding

How to care for premature babies to gain weight quickly by maintaining adequate milk intake. Breastfeeding premature babies must avoid a lag time of breastfeeding of more than four hours.

This is beneficial for preventing dehydration and jaundice. Even if you have difficulty breastfeeding a premature baby, don’t give up on breastfeeding.

3. Kangaroo Method

The kangaroo method at home is critical for parents to do. This method involves holding a premature baby and involves skin-to-skin contact. This method can be a way to warm premature babies at home. The warm temperature from your body will transfer to the baby. Mothers and fathers can also do this method to maintain the baby’s health.

4. Don’t Miss the Immunization Schedule

Immunization is also needed to protect premature babies from serious diseases. The immunization schedule for premature babies is the same as for normal babies. However, first, consult with your doctor so that the type and schedule of immunizations can be adjusted to your baby’s condition.

5. Make Sure to Get Enough Sleep

Premature babies need to have a quality sleep to improve their health. Premature babies may spend more time sleeping than average babies but in shorter periods. Preferably, place the premature baby sleeping position on his back. The goal is to reduce the risk of sudden infant death (SIDS).

6. Watch the Growth

After your baby comes home, you must monitor his growth and development. You will need to take the baby to the doctor again so that the doctor can assess the baby’s growth from their weight. Furthermore, considering the baby’s development from what the baby can do.

7. Prepare Weaning Food

Most doctors recommend giving solid foods 4-6 months after the premature baby’s date of birth. The reason, the development is not the same as a regular baby.

Handling premature babies to get fat quickly and healthy is to prepare for weaning early. Besides that, formula milk can be given to premature babies to gain weight quickly. How to care for an 8-month premature baby is also to provide food with a smooth texture first since the ability to swallow the food is not good enough.

Caring for premature babies does have many challenges. Make sure you apply the correct way of caring for a premature baby so that the baby can grow healthy and develop like a normal baby.

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