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The Importance of Preparing Pregnancy for Parents

May 31, 2020

The Importance of Preparing Pregnancy for Parents

The Importance of Preparing Pregnancy for Parents

Children are the most beautiful gift for a married couple. It is undeniable, the presence of children, so coveted and eagerly awaited. The presence of a baby is expected to strengthen the bond of husband and wife.

Unfortunately, for some people, having children is not always easy. Therefore for the sake of the presence of a child, anything is willing to do.

A woman’s body has been designed in such a way as to be a place for the growth and development of the fetus, until she is born at an adequate age of around 37 to 40 weeks.

Fetal health, including the formation of organs and the completeness of limbs, is entirely dependent on the health of the expectant mother and father. That is why, thorough health preparation must be done by the couple well in advance before marriage.

Pregnancy preparation is required for:

Facilitate conception or conception.

Have a healthy pregnancy. Avoid or minimize complications of pregnancy.

Give birth to a healthy baby.

Facilitate recovery after childbirth.

Live your post-partum more pleasantly.

Minimize the emergence of health problems that will be experienced by infants in their later adult years.

What should not be forgotten is premarital preparation. Economic factors are often the most important factor for couples who will get married. A good career and income that will ensure the availability of clothing – food – shelter for the whole family, is indeed important.

But there are other things that are equally important, which are often overlooked and responded to with “later, when married” is a matter of partner health, related to the task of reproduction as human beings.

Most people do not fully know the exact condition of their body. Maybe he looks healthy, even though he has undetected health problems, such as infectious diseases or hereditary diseases. For couples who want to get married, premarital checkups help identify things that have the potential to interfere with health and their risks and possible future development.

Blood-related couples have the risk of having children born carrying abnormalities or genetic diseases. That is why it is important to do tests to find out which genetic diseases they may have and help overcome them. Premarital examination is a series of comprehensive tests that are suggested to be undertaken by couples who will get married.

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