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You Should Know, These are the Characteristics of Successfully Fertilized Ovulation!

December 7, 2022

You Should Know, These are the Characteristics of Successfully Fertilized Ovulation!

Pregnancy is something that many couples look forward to. Early symptoms include late menstruation, even though the menstrual cycle is always smooth every month, frequent cramps, breast pain, and several other signs. These could be some of the signs of successful ovulation.

Ovulation itself is a process that occurs when you are on your period. In this process, the mature follicle ruptures and releases the egg into the fallopian tube for immediate fertilization and successful ovulation.

In this process, you can also find signs of successful ovulation and that a woman is fertile and easy to get pregnant. Let’s find out the features!

Ovulation Characteristics

You will usually feel some physical signs when you are ovulating, such as:

1. Mild Pain/Cramps

The first signs of successful ovulation are pain or cramping. This sign you are very similar to cramps during menstruation. However, the pain is not as painful as during menstruation but lighter. In addition, the time that is felt is only briefly and appears occasionally.

Ovulation pain that you feel may not be a sign of pregnancy but the presence of an illness. Immediately consult a gynaecologist if the pain is unbearable.

2. Bleeding

The bleeding appears as one of the hallmarks of high ovulation. You experience bleeding similar to bleeding during menstruation, and many of you do not realize it.

There is a difference between ovulatory and menstrual bleeding. In ovulation bleeding, the colour of the blood that comes out is brownish or sometimes pink. The blood volume is not as frequent as menstrual blood, more like blood spots.

In menstrual bleeding, the blood that comes out is bright red, often flows, and clots, although not often.

3. Breast pain

The next signs of successful ovulation that you will feel are painful breasts. You will feel this due to hormonal changes that occur very quickly. The pain usually occurs within a few days after conception but is mostly felt 7 days after ovulation.

4. Frequent Urination

One of the characteristics of successful ovulation is that you often feel because the body changes. The body provides space for the growth of the fetus so that the fetus starting to form will press the bladder. This pressure is the cause of the increased urge to urinate, even though the size of the fetus is still very small.

5. Late Menstruation

The next sign of successful ovulation is something that you can easily know, namely late menstruation, especially if your menstrual cycle is always smooth every month.

A missed period cannot be a sure sign of success in pregnancy because of changes in body weight, and stress can trigger a missed period. Therefore, it never hurts to check with a gynaecologist or check independently using a test pack to become more confident.

6. Changes in Vaginal Fluid

Vagina will discharge, and it is a natural thing for all women. However, the colour, consistency, and volume change due to increased blood flow to the vagina.

So, you don’t have to worry if the liquid that comes out looks whiter, bulkier and has a slippery texture. It is normal, and there is no need to panic.

7. Increase in Body Temperature

Next, you will feel an increase in body temperature. This sign is often one of the successful ovulation fertilized. Therefore, you can diligently record your body temperature every morning to immediately know if the temperature suddenly rises drastically.

The reason is due to high levels of progesterone in the body. The normal body temperature will rise from 37.4-37.5 °C.

8. Mood Change

The characteristics of the last successful fertilized ovulation are mood swings. Usually, there are some common changes you feel, including your appetite, mood, and fatigue.

These changes are caused by the body producing excess hormones, which frequently change mood swings. Are the above characteristics a sure thing when ovulation is successfully fertilized? In general, yes, but it turns out. These things are not necessarily benchmarks because women’s signs and times vary. There are even some women who do not feel this sign at all.

Therefore, the signs above are indeed the cause of the emergence of pregnancy in women. There is nothing wrong with you and your partner. Immediately consult a trusted obstetrician so that you can take further action immediately.

The signs above are indeed a sign of pregnancy. However, did you know that other characteristics indicate that women have high fertility and get pregnant easily? Let’s see below.

Characteristics of Fertile Women and Easy to Get Pregnant

In addition, several characteristics indicate that you are a fertile woman and easily get pregnant. There are several signs that women are fertile and easy to get pregnant that are easy to recognize from a health and physical perspective. Let’s get to know the features!

1. Normal Menstrual Cycle

The characteristics of women who are fertile and easy to get pregnant for the first time have a normal menstrual cycle. Monthly guests who always come on time indicate that you are a fertile woman.

Hormones that work properly will release eggs regularly every month as a sign of a normal menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle is considered irregular if it comes less than once every 21 days and more than 38 days or the schedule changes.

 2. Vaginal Discharge

The next sign is the discharge of vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge is considered one of the problems in some female reproductive organs. However, vaginal discharge can also indicate that you are a fertile woman!

Vaginal discharge in normal women is usually a little sticky and clear white or clear. Meanwhile, vaginal discharge in women in their fertile period is a liquid that is more like egg white, thicker and not sticky.

So, you don’t have to worry about vaginal discharge as long as you always check whether it’s normal or not because vaginal discharge can be a sign of successful fertilization.

 3. Don’t Smoke

Not smoking is one of the other characteristics of fertile women, and easy to get pregnant next. Smoking influences the stages of the reproductive process of a woman and a man, especially if you smoke in the long term and continuously.

The percentage of this damage will occur higher if you and your partner are both active smokers. What are the dangers of smoking in affecting the reproductive process, especially for women? Here are some of the dangers posed by smoking.

  • Limiting the movement of the fertilized egg to reach the uterus
  • Pregnancy-supporting hormones will produce less
  • The success of ovulation to be fertilized is reduced
  • The risk of miscarriage will increase
  • Decreased egg quality

Those are some characteristics of successful ovulation and signs of fertile and easy women to get pregnant that are easy for you to know. If you are unsure about the self-diagnosis, don’t hesitate to consult and check directly with your obstetrician so that your chance to have ovulation is high, and is successful.

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