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13 Powerful Ways to Get Pregnant Fast for Young Couples

December 5, 2022

13 Powerful Ways to Get Pregnant Fast for Young Couples

Delaying having children may be done by some couples who have not thought about having children immediately after marriage. But for many other couples, having children is a dream. That’s why they are looking for ways to get pregnant quickly so that their dreams come true.

But unfortunately, not all couples easily have children. This is because the fertility level of each person is different. Couples also don’t have the same reproductive health.

Well, for those of you young couples looking for a powerful way to get pregnant fast, the following review will help. We will discuss 13 ways to get pregnant fast that you can try.

1. Having Sex During Your Fertile Period

How to get pregnant fast is the most frequently asked question by young couples. The method is quite easy if practiced, namely by having regular sex during the fertile period.

Make sure you record your menstrual schedule every month to find out your fertile period. Count your menstrual cycle precisely to know when the fertile period occurs.

Generally, the fertile period occurs 2 to 5 days after ovulation. At this time, the egg is released from the ovary to the uterus and is ready to be fertilized. If it meets sperm, then the chances of getting pregnant are greater.

2. Recognize the Signs of Ovulation

Furthermore, how to get pregnant quickly after menstruation is done by recognizing the signs of ovulation. As explained above, ovulation is essential to know the fertile period. Having sex before ovulation occurs can increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Some of the signs of ovulation include an increased body temperature in the morning, whitish cervical mucus like the color of an egg, and a little pain in the breast area. In addition, some women also experience abdominal cramps during ovulation.

3. Ensure Sex Quality

Young newly married couples need to have quality sexual relations to get pregnant fast. Make sure your partner is both comfortable so that the quality of sex increases.

You and your partner can manage the time as best as possible to be more relaxed. If necessary, take some time off to enjoy alone time with your partner.

4. Pay Attention to the Frequency of Intercourse

The quality and quantity of sexual intercourse also need to be considered. Generally, new couples will have sex more than three times a week because of increased sexual arousal. Take advantage of this momentum to have intense sex to get pregnant quickly.

However, according to the Mayo Clinic, sexual intercourse carried out more than once a day is also not recommended because it can affect sperm quality. We recommend that you have sexual intercourse at least once a day or four times a week.

5. Sex Positions are Not Monotonous

Every couple also needs to pay attention to sex positions to get pregnant quickly. Besides increasing sex drive, various parts also make the quality of intimate relationships better.

The recommended sex position that makes it easier to get offspring is the missionary position. Missionary is the most conventional style of sex where the woman’s position is under the man at the time of penetration. This style makes it easier for sperm to enter the uterus because of its vertical position.

In addition, the Doggy-Style position is also recommended because it can provide deep penetration. The level of penetration depth is exceptionally influential on the chances of pregnancy because the distance between the sperm and the uterus is very close.

6. Lying Down After Intercourse

Women are advised to lie down after sexual intercourse for approximately 15 minutes. Try the thigh position above the stomach to make it easier for sperm to swim to the egg.

Ensure no more residual sperm is dripping after intercourse to ensure that the sperm has entered through the vaginal opening. If this is difficult, get a pillow to support your thighs. 

7. Achieving Orgasm

The uterus, which contracts when a woman reaches orgasm, can help sperm swim in the right direction to meet the egg. Contraction of the uterus also helps fertilization occur.

For this reason, orgasm plays a vital role for you and your partner, who are planning to have children soon. To achieve orgasm, do quality intimate relationships.

8. Regulate Diet

The following way to get pregnant fast is to set the proper diet. Make sure the food you eat has good nutrition. For men, try to eat lots of foods with high vitamin E so that sperm quality increases.

Temporarily avoid eating junk food or other unhealthy foods so that the reproductive organs are healthy and work properly. In addition, make sure you and your partner are at the ideal weight.

9. Implementing a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy diet needs to be balanced with a healthy lifestyle. Do exercise regularly and avoid staying up late. Exercise is enough to help maintain stamina, including the reproductive organs.

Meanwhile, staying up late can inhibit the body’s metabolism due to a lack of rest time. This results in poor sperm quality and difficult fertilization.

10. Consumption of Folic Acid

There is nothing wrong if you take folic acid while pregnant. Not only women, folic acid is also recommended for men. Folic acid can be obtained through various types of green vegetables and milk.

In addition, folic acid supplements are also recommended. But you should first consult with your doctor about what type of supplement is suitable.

11. Reduce Stress

For the fast way to get pregnant successfully done, make sure you stay calm while living it. Avoid excessive feelings of anxiety that make reproductive hormones not work correctly.

Stress and anxiety also affect the quality of sexual relations. To be in a better mood, you can regularly do yoga and meditation with your partner.

12. Avoid Cigarettes and Alcohol

Cigarettes and alcohol are two things that should be avoided when you want to get pregnant quickly. Smoking is one of the triggers for infertility and impotence.

So if you want to get pregnant fast, make sure there is no exposure to cigarettes near you. Likewise, alcohol can damage the balance of the body, which significantly affects the fertility of both men and women.

13. Do Routine Checks

The last way to get pregnant quickly is to do regular and periodic checks to find out your partner’s reproductive health. Later the doctor will check whether you and your partner have certain health problems that hinder reproduction or not.

Not only that, measles and rubella immunization is generally also carried out by doctors at this time. This immunization can prevent rubella or German measles, which is dangerous for the fetus in the womb. Therefore, before getting pregnant, women should get this vaccine.

That’s 13 ways to get pregnant fast for young couples who have just married—getting pregnant immediately after marriage is undoubtedly good and can increase the romance of the relationship. But keep in mind, do the above methods with a calm and relaxed feeling so that the results are also good. So, if you’re not pregnant yet, there’s no need to stress!

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