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Does a Positive Sign on a Vague Pregnancy Test Mean that You are Pregnant?

December 13, 2022

Does a Positive Sign on a Vague Pregnancy Test Mean that You are Pregnant?

The positive signs on the pregnancy test that look vague usually make couples confused, whether this means pregnant or not. The reason is the vagueness of the test results raises doubts. Generally, women will check with the test when experiencing late menstruation. Late menstruation is a positive sign of pregnancy.

However, if there is no statement and examination from a doctor stating that she is pregnant, many women still have doubts, especially if the two lines on the test are not visible. So how do you know if a positive sign of pregnancy in a preliminary test means that you are pregnant?

Why Do Pregnancy Tests Look Vague?

Previously, you needed to know in advance what causes the lines on the test to look blurry. Generally, a blurry line is due to low HCG or pregnancy hormone levels. Later, these hormone levels will continue to increase and reach their peak when entering the second trimester.

You need to know that a test is a tool used to detect the HCG hormone. If the HCG hormone in women is high, the test shows a positive result. However, if the HCG hormone is low, the test shows a positive sign but vague result. And if no HCG hormone is found, the result will be negative.

Most women do a pregnancy test in the early weeks of pregnancy. At that time, the level of HCG in the body was not too high. It is why the test looks blurry even though the result is positive.

Could it be a Vague Positive Sign But Not Pregnant?

A positive sign of pregnancy on a preliminary test could mean that you are pregnant. It happens when the level of HCG in a woman’s body is still low. However, blurry signs may not be pregnant. A blurry positive sign may be a false positive sign. Evaporation may occur on the test device to show two faint lines.

If this happens, the test results may be inaccurate. You can misinterpret this sign. You will also find it difficult to distinguish whether these faint signs are a sign of pregnancy or just a sign of evaporation.

How to Read an Accurate Test?

So how do you read an accurate test? How to distinguish a vague positive line from an evaporation line or sign? You can check this by looking at the time the line appears. If you read the instructions for using the test properly, you will know when an accurate mark will appear. You are likely pregnant if the blurry lines appear within the timeframe that matches the test instructions. However, if the blurry line appears for more than the expected time according to the instructions, the line is just a sign of evaporation.

The conclusion is the positive sign of pregnancy in the test that looks vague has 2 possibilities. There is a possibility of getting pregnant, but there is also the possibility of not being pregnant. For this reason, you need to repeat the test if in doubt or visit a gynaecologist to make sure that you are pregnant or not.

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