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Effects of Obesity on Fertility

May 31, 2020

Effects of Obesity on Fertility

Effects of Obesity on Fertility

Obesity is a problem that commonly occur in the whole world. Excess weight weight and obesity are often associated with various problems of health such as diabetes, disease heart , stroke, osteoarthritis , and disruption of reproductive with complaints most often experienced is menstruation is not regular and infertility . However heavy the body also affects the issue of health public and reproduction .

Weight normal body standard internationally which is used to assess the ideal absence of heavy weight is a BMI (Body Mass Index), which uses a comparison of heavy weight and high weight. To calculate BMI, the method is very simple . BMI is equal to body weight divided by height .

BMI = Weight (kg) / height² (m)

BMI has been proved as a measurement that is effective in the clinical and many research which showed a low likelihood to become pregnant in people with a BMI of more than 25 or less than 18.5.

Obesity and infertility

Although a lot of women who have had children are obese , and indeed women that obesity may become pregnant , many studies show that women whose excess weight weight (BMI ≥ 25) and obesity (BMI ≥ 30) three times as much have the possibility to infertile compared with women the weight of the body is normal.


Distribution of fat in the abdomen in women with severe weight excess or obese are significantly affecting the function and production of hormone- hormones (androgens and estrogens ) which plays a role in ovulation . By because it’s , women that excess weight weight or obesity is more possible to experience irregular ovulation so that her periods become not regular and infertile.


Although the mechanisms are certainly not yet clear , high levels of insulin circulating and resistance to insulin -related role is important . In terms of reproduction , high levels of circulating insulin play a role in the occurrence of ovulation disorders , which in turn triggers an increase in androgens from the ovaries and estrogens from body fat . Both will inhibit ovulation .


In fact , the level of success of the treatment of infertility is low on the committee that the excess weight of the body. Many studies that showed evidence that the increase in BMI is associated with an increase in the need of drugs to deal with infertility , such as clomiphene citrate or injection of gonadotropin. Procedures insemination on infertility that is not clear why the show redahnya number of success in women with a BMI more than 30, and many studies show a low number of success of IVF by concomitant with an increase in BMI.

Pregnancy problems and their relationship with obesity

In pregnant women , excess body fat is associated with an increased risk of miscarriage in the first 3 months . In women with a BMI more than 30, the risk that can increase becomes 3x even more , though on the excess weight of the body lighter risks are also increasing .

When the pregnancy has passed three months , there is also an increase in the risk of occurrence of abnormalities in the fetus . Spina bifida 3x more often occur in women whose obesity and the risks that remain high even though the consumption of supplements acid folic given . The risk of abnormalities stomach and heart also increased 2-3x on women that excess weight of the body.

The risk of developing diabetes in pregnancy and hypertension also increases 2-3x. case this can lead to the birth of premature, induction of labor , operating faults and increase the risk of the baby was born dead . Besides that there is a lot of risk of complications after giving birth such as infection , bleeding , and thromboembolism , in women with severe weight excess compared with the weight of his body to normal.

Recently this , a study shows the correlation between obesity in mothers with the disease cardiovascular in offspring when mature . And also, the level of diabetes mellitus type II in adults is high is obtained in which the mother has a heavy weight above normal when pregnant . Given that obesity and resistance to insulin not only genetic but also obtained , increase the sensitivity of insulin mother ahead of conception through activity or diet not only improve the health of the mother but also the health of the children they later . Although still need research more about the terms of this .

What that can do the heavy body of excess ?

Women whose excess weight weight or obesity should know the risk of infertility and poor babies were born . They also need to know that treatment success is lower if their BMI increases . Additional folic acid must be given .

Some studies report that the decrease in weight of the body on women that excess weight weight or obese , causing menstruation regular and pregnancy Even the rate of success in IVF increases along with a decrease in weight of the body in female infertility due to causes other is not associated with ovulation ( such as infertility due to factors men or tubal disorders ). A decrease in weight body does not easily done . The most successful to help women whose weight the body of excess is having behavior that is good . Exercise and diet are well merupaka way that is more effective than just concentrate on a diet low in calories . It is very well done prior to the commencement of the treatment of infertility and continued when the early pregnancy .

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