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Here are 7 Natural Ways to Boost Breast Milk

March 3, 2023

Here are 7 Natural Ways to Boost Breast Milk

Many mothers complain that breast milk does not come out after giving birth, and how to boost breast milk supply is also questioned. But, no need to worry because, generally, breast milk will only come out within 3×24 hours after giving birth. Breast milk will not immediately flow at that time, and you can provide colostrum first to the baby.

After a week passes, breastfeeding will be smooth because the baby’s needs strongly influence breast milk supply. Early in life, babies need only tiny amounts of breast milk. However, should breast milk not flow smoothly after a few weeks, you need to do the following 6 ways to boost the breast milk supply.

1. Direct breastfeeding

The first way to boost breast milk naturally is to give breast milk directly to the baby. Breastfeed your baby continuously to stimulate the hormones in the breasts to produce a lot of milk.

In newborns, feed the baby every 2 hours. Not only does it prevent jaundice, but this method can also facilitate the fast dragging of breast milk. If the baby is still sleeping, you don’t need to wake them up. However, if it has been more than 4 hours since the baby has slept and has not breastfed, wake the little one to feed immediately.

2. Use Breast Pump Regularly

At the beginning of birth, the baby only drinks a little milk. In mothers whose milk production is very smooth, the supply and demand of breast milk will not be balanced. Therefore, you must pump breast milk regularly to keep adequate milk supplies.

Just like breastfeeding directly, pumping breast milk can stimulate the breasts to increase milk supplies. Therefore, pumping breast milk is vital for every mother. You can pump breast milk by hand, with a manual pump, or with an electric pump.

3. Avoid Stress

Here is how to expedite clogged milk by avoiding triggers for dragging breast milk, such as Stress. You need to know that for mothers who experience Stress and anxiety, breast milk is not smooth. This is because Stress can inhibit the release of milk from the breast.

Therefore, ask for support from families such as partners, parents, or caregivers to help care for your little one. Mothers who do not get a support system from those closest to them are prone to Stress.

4. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated

During breastfeeding, make sure you are getting enough fluids. If normal adults need at least 1 liter of water per day, then breastfeeding mothers need more water, which is 3 liters, because lack of fluids can inhibit breast milk production.

Breastfeeding mothers are advised to drink various fluids such as water, milk, and fruit juices. Avoid caffeinated drinks during breastfeeding because they can cause the baby to have trouble sleeping.

5. Getting Enough Rest

To keep plentiful milk supplies, you need to get enough rest. The trick is to go to sleep while the baby sleeps. You also need to set a schedule for naps and sleep at night so that you can get enough rest.

6. Breast Massage

Another way to boost breast milk for new mothers is breast massages. The goal is to stimulate the breasts to be smooth in producing milk.

The step is to put your hands on the front of the breast and then make a circular motion from left to right, up to down, and vice versa. Repeat the movement 20 times before feeding your little one.

7. Take Vitamins

Taking supplements or vitamins to increase breast milk supplies is also recommended. You can take traditional herbal medicine or accessories that are provided in pharmacies. Of course, taking vitamins also needs to be balanced with proper breast emptying so that milk production remains abundant.

That’s 7 ways to boost breast milk supply that you can do easily. The abovementioned natural method needs to be tried immediately after the labor process for maximum results. Feel free to contact a lactation counselor if you have any problems. Good luck!

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