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What are the Characteristics of Dry Uterus that Can Cause Infertility? Find Out Here!

December 13, 2022

What are the Characteristics of Dry Uterus that Can Cause Infertility? Find Out Here!

Getting pregnant and having an adorable baby is the dream of all couples. However, this happiness may be difficult to obtain if you have the characteristics of a dry uterus.

Keep in mind that the uterus is one of the important organs for a woman. A uterus is a place for the growth and development of the fetus during pregnancy, so the uterus’s health is very important to maintain. But in some conditions, women also need to be aware of various problems that may occur in the uterus, one of which is a dry uterus.

Then what is a dry uterus, and what are its characteristics to watch out for? Here’s the review.

Definition of Dry Uterus

The dry uterus or uterine dryness does not exist in medical terms. But in society, this term is often crowded with infertility or infertility. This condition makes it difficult for women to conceive and have children.

Many factors usually cause this condition.

  • Ovulation disorders
  • Hormone balance disorders
  • Abnormal uterine shape
  • Problems with the fallopian tubes, such as infection and inflammation

It is necessary to examine first to determine whether you have the risk and characteristics of a dry uterus. You need to examine if you have been in touch with a partner but have not succeeded in getting pregnant for approximately 1 year.

The Characteristics of Dry Uterus 

Anyone, especially women over 40, commonly experiences the risk of experiencing a dry uterus. People who experience this condition will usually show some special characteristics, such as:

1. No Signs of Pregnancy at a Mature Age

One of the main characteristics of the risk of uterine dryness is the absence of signs of pregnancy even though you are mature and often have sex. If you experience these characteristics, it’s a good idea to check immediately to find out the cause.

2. Abnormal Vaginal Fluid

The characteristics of the dry content can then also be recognized from the vaginal fluid. Normal vaginal discharge will usually be yellowish-white and odourless. However, for people with a dry uterus, vaginal discharge can be yellow, pink to green with a fairly sharp odour and quite a lot.

3. Irregular Menstrual Cycle

Women with irregular menstrual cycles must also be aware of the risk of uterine dryness. Irregular menstrual cycles can make it more difficult for women to get pregnant. This condition usually occurs due to various causes, ranging from an unhealthy lifestyle and thyroid to using contraceptives.

4. Low sex drive

Women with a dry uterus generally have a weak sex drive. The characteristics of a dry uterus in these women need to be watched out for because they can make it more difficult for you to get pregnant. Not only that, but low sex drive can also affect the harmony of husband and wife.

It is the nature of women to get pregnant and give birth to children. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the health of the reproductive organs from an early age to avoid the risk of infertility. In addition, before getting married, it’s a good idea to check with a gynaecologist to find out whether there are signs of a dry uterus or not. That way, you can take the right for planning to have children.

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