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Frequent Urination Signs of Pregnancy? Here’s the Sneak Peek of Interesting Facts

December 15, 2022

Frequent Urination Signs of Pregnancy? Here’s the Sneak Peek of Interesting Facts

Frequent urination is always synonymous with urinary tract disease or diabetes. However, did you know that frequent urination can be an early sign that you are pregnant? It’s just that only a few are aware of it. Is frequent urination a sign of pregnancy? If previously the intensity of urination was 6-8 times a day, then in early pregnancy, it could become even more frequent. Come on, see more information so you won’t be curious anymore!

Frequent Urination Facts

Pregnancy is the most beautiful time for a woman. Uniquely, the early signs of pregnancy are often not realized. Generally, expectant mothers also experience missed menstrual cycles, breast pain, and fatigue. Besides morning sickness and vomiting, not all women experience frequent urination during early pregnancy.

So, why do pregnant women often pee? When pregnant, the uterus will automatically enlarge. This is natural because it is the uterus where the fetus develops. This enlarged uterus will press on the organ below, namely the bladder. Therefore, you feel like urinating continuously. So, if you are curious whether frequent urination is a sign of pregnancy, it is likely a sign of pregnancy.

1. Pain When Peeing

What about pain when urinating? Is it a sign of pregnancy too? Discomfort or pain when urinating is one of the symptoms of a urinary tract infection. One of the factors that increase the risk of UTI in pregnancy.

This happens because hormonal changes and pressure from the uterus make it difficult to expel all the urine stored in the bladder. This condition triggers bacteria to multiply, causing bladder infections and bladder disease (cystitis). Even the worst situations can infect the kidneys. If left unchecked, chances are your baby was born prematurely or LBW, premature rupture of membranes, and preeclampsia.

You may wonder if frequent urination is a sign of pregnancy or menstruation. Frequently feeling the urge to urinate before menstruation is a normal process experienced by the body. This is due to the body’s re-adjusting with the active estrogen hormone so that the frequency of urination becomes more frequent.

Before menstruation, estrogen production increases, so the body responds by storing large amounts of water, which will later act as a cushion, indicating that it is preparing for the pregnancy. Storage of water will make you gain weight before menstruation.

After menstruation, the work of the hormone estrogen decreases. This is when the body will respond by releasing the stored fluid back, either in the form of excessive sweating to frequent urination. So, apart from being a sign of pregnancy, the fact is that frequent urination can also be a sign of menstruation.

2. Urinary Pattern in Pregnancy Phase

After knowing whether frequent urination is a sign of pregnancy, mothers-to-be need to see the pattern of urination during pregnancy. By understanding early, it is hoped that mothers will not feel anxious or confused anymore.

In early pregnancy, expectant mothers do have frequent urination. A decrease in the mother’s body temperature indicates early signs of pregnancy or signs that people are pregnant 3 days to a week. However, a moment later, it increases again.

Then, often pee is a sign of how many weeks pregnant. You will experience it when pregnancy enters the age of 10-12 weeks. This phase is the early trimester, marked by hormonal changes, kidney performance, and the enlargement of the uterus.

Entering the second trimester, pregnant women usually have begun to be able to adapt to changes that occur in the condition of the uterus. This makes the frequency of urination not as frequent as during the early days of pregnancy.

In the third trimester, the growth of the fetus is certainly getting bigger and begins to enter the pelvis, which puts pressure on the bladder. This is when the mother will return to pee frequently. So, in addition to frequent urination being an early sign of pregnancy, it is also a sign that the fetus is starting to enter the pelvis.

Considering that the pregnancy interval can be predicted 15 days after having sex, continue with a more intensive examination to get certainty regarding pregnancy. This will be a good start if pregnancy can be detected early. Also, remember that frequent urination can be an early sign that you are pregnant.

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