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Get to Know 4 dimensional ultrasound, its Benefits, and How to Read the Results

December 13, 2022

Get to Know 4 dimensional ultrasound, its Benefits, and How to Read the Results

For pregnant women, knowing the condition, development, and health of the fetus is very important. The method you can use is a 4-dimensional ultrasound. 4-dimensional ultrasound is a tool that you can use to clearly see the shape of the baby in the womb. Starting from the shape of the face to the condition of the body organs.

The development of 2D and 3D ultrasound examination, this 4D ultrasound uses a 2G ultrasound transducer that can capture 20 to 30 reflections quickly or a 3D ultrasound matrix array. Sophisticated, right? Let’s see more!

Benefits of 4 Dimensional Ultrasound

When you compare it with other ultrasounds, this 4D ultrasound has superior benefits. One of the functions of 4-dimensional ultrasound is able to show or present moving images like video. That way, you can see the fetal activity clearly.

For example, when the baby is smiling, yawning, or doing other movements. Apart from that, you can also see the fetal body parts more clearly. Not only that, here are also the benefits of 4-dimensional ultrasound in pregnancy:

  • Can confirm pregnancy and estimated date of birth.
  • Ensure the number of fetuses in the womb.
  • Can ensure the absence of an ectopic pregnancy.
  • This 4D ultrasound can also determine the sex of the baby.
  • To detect problems with the uterus, ovaries, cervix, and placenta.
  • To detect birth defects.
  • 4G ultrasound can also detect and monitor the fetal heart rate.
  • Monitor the fetus and fetal development.
  • Monitor the position of the fetus in the womb.
  • Monitor how much amniotic fluid.

Reporting from the WHO (World Health Organization), there are 15% of pregnant women who have the potential for complications during pregnancy that can be life-threatening. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check your pregnancy routine every month.

How to Use 4 Dimensional Ultrasound

If you decide to use a 4-dimensional ultrasound, there is a best time to do or undergo the procedure. It’s good, if you undergo this procedure at 27 to 32 weeks of pregnancy.

Examination outside of these timeframes, you may not get an optimal picture. On 6-month 4-dimensional ultrasound to 7-month 4-dimensional ultrasound, you can get a clearer picture of the fetus. On an 8-month 4-dimensional ultrasound, the fetal head is most likely already in the pelvis. This is a form of birth preparation. In this condition, it is usually difficult to observe the fetal face.

Actually, the way 4D ultrasound works is not much different from 3D ultrasound. The doctor will apply a special gel over the stomach. This gel has a function to deliver sound waves. That way, the picture of the fetus will be easily seen.

Then, the doctor will perform a scan with a transducer that is moved in a circular motion over the abdomen. It aims to record fetal activity.

How to Read 4 Dimensional Ultrasound Results

In general, the results of this 4-dimensional ultrasound display 3 different colors. The white indicator shows the bones of the body, the black indicator shows the amniotic fluid, and the gray indicator shows the tissue structure of the baby’s body.

The nearest 4-dimensional ultrasound can be your choice for this procedure. In addition, you can get 4-dimensional ultrasound at an affordable price. It’s a good idea to schedule this 4-dimensional ultrasound to determine the development of the fetus and prevent unwanted things because it is already known from the beginning.

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