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Safe and Healthy Exercises for Pregnant Women

February 2, 2023

Safe and Healthy Exercises for Pregnant Women

To maintain the mother’s and baby’s health in the womb, pregnant women still need to exercise. However, exercise for pregnant women should not be done carelessly because it can be dangerous for the fetus. Therefore, choosing a suitable and safe type of exercise is very important.

Exercise is an activity that has many benefits for the body, including for pregnant women. Even though you are pregnant, you are still advised to do regular exercise, the types of which are adjusted to the conditions of the womb so that you stay safe.

Then what types of exercise are safe for pregnant women to do? For complete information about practice for 7 months pregnant women and other gestational ages, let’s look at the following reviews!

Types of Exercise that are Safe for Pregnant Women

Choosing sports for pregnant women should not be careless because they must pay attention to the fetus’s safety in the womb. Usually, the type of exercise will be adjusted to the age of the womb because activity for 6 months pregnant women will be different from 8 months pregnant.

So, here are the types of exercise that are generally recommended for pregnant women.

1. Walking

One type of exercise that is recommended for pregnant women is walking. Even though it looks simple, walking regularly has many benefits, so it is highly recommended as a type of exercise for 9 months pregnant women so that labor goes smoothly.

Routine walking for 30 minutes can make blood circulation, and the heart work more smoothly. To avoid getting dehydrated, you can bring a drink with you when you exercise and avoid roads that are uphill or too steep, especially if you do it as a sport for young pregnant women.

2. Yoga

Yoga is also a type of exercise that is safe for pregnant women to do. Yoga movements, which tend to be slow and calm, are safe at any gestational age, including being a choice of exercise for 3-month pregnant women.

Regularly doing yoga during pregnancy can also provide many benefits. Among them are practicing breathing and training the body’s flexibility to prepare the hips for the birth process.

3. Pilates

Pilates can be a recommendation for exercise for 4 months pregnant women because it is safe for any gestational age. This exercise has many benefits in helping balance the body and improve posture to strengthen the pelvic muscles for childbirth.

Pilates exercise is also suitable for practicing breathing techniques and improving blood circulation. It’s no wonder that pilates is a favorite exercise for 2-month pregnant women and older gestational age because it is safe and has many benefits.

4. Pregnancy Exercise

Pregnancy exercise is usually the sport of choice for pregnant women in their third trimester. This type of exercise is carried out with a particular instructor, and the movements are adapted to the conditions of pregnant women. In addition to maintaining body fitness, pregnancy exercise is also beneficial to help smooth the delivery process.

Currently, there are many pregnancy exercise classes that you can join. Pregnancy exercise movements will be adjusted according to the age of the womb, such as because exercise for pregnant women in the 1st trimester is different from the 3rd trimester pregnant women. Apart from attending special classes, the pregnancy exercise tutorials can be followed on the Youtube channel.

5. Swimming

Swimming is also one of the favorites of pregnant women. However, it is usually not recommended to do this exercise first for early gestational age. Swimming is generally chosen as a sport for pregnant women 7 months and over because the fetus in the womb is strong enough.

Benefits of Exercise for Pregnant Women

Regular exercise during pregnancy has many benefits, especially exercise for 9 months pregnant women because it will make the birth process easier. In addition, there are many other benefits of exercise for pregnant women, including:

  1. Improve heart performance
  2. Control your weight so that you are not obese
  3. Maintain body fitness
  4. Prepare the muscles before the birth process
  5. Optimizing fetal growth and development
  6. Gives peace, so avoid stress during pregnancy

To maintain the health of the mother and baby, do regular exercise after entering trimester 2. However, make sure to choose the type of exercise for pregnant women according to the age of the womb so that it is safer. It’s a good idea to select a special exercise for pregnant women because the movements are safer and adapted to pregnancy needs.

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