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5 Things You Should Know About the Position of Breech Babies, Pregnant Women Must Know!

December 15, 2022

5 Things You Should Know About the Position of Breech Babies, Pregnant Women Must Know!

The position of a breech baby is one of the conditions that pregnant women can experience. Generally, at 36 weeks of gestation, the baby’s head is already down. However, some experience that if the position does not change,it will still stay the same position until the delivery process. For mothers who are pregnant for the first time may feel worried. Therefore, you need to know more about the position of the breech baby.

Definition of Breech

A breech baby is when the baby’s head position in the womb is up while the buttocks or legs are down at more than 35 weeks of gestation. To determine the breech position through an ultrasound examination (USG). As the pregnancy progresses, the position of the baby’s head may change slowly toward the birth canal until it finally stays there.

It causes premature babies to be more at risk of experiencing a breech position. Early breach conditions are not typical. However, breech babies can still be born normally. Although in some instances, pregnant mothers with a breech baby may be more recommended to undergo a Caesarean section. Birth breech and premature is a condition that can occur and is not desirable for pregnant women.

Breech Cause

The cause of the breech is not known with certainty. However, several factors can lead to this condition. The following are factors that can cause a breech baby.

1. Amniotic fluid volume

If the amniotic fluid is too much, the baby can still move freely in the womb, even though his body size is getting bigger. Conversely, if the amniotic fluid is too little, it is difficult for the baby to move or turn.

2. Twins Pregnancy

An excess of breech babies is likely to have multiple pregnancies. Although having twins is the dream of many people, pregnancy with twins is high in breach risk. It is because the uterine room becomes narrower with two babies at once. The baby will automatically have difficulty moving if the uterine room is limited.

3. Placenta Previa

Placenta previa is where the placenta is the under the uterus. It covers part or all of the birth canal. The position of the placenta like this will make it difficult for the baby’s head to lead to the birth canal. Many things make the risk of pregnant women experiencing placenta previa. For example, if the mother has a history of surgery on the uterus or is more than 35 years old.

4. Abnormalities or Complications

Another cause of breech pregnancy is the presence of abnormalities or complications. Suppose a pregnant woman has an abnormal uterus, such as a heart-shaped one, or other complications. A breech baby’s risk is increasing, and it isn’t easy to be born normal.


Now you don’t have to worry if you know the position of the breech fetus. Breech position can be changed by doing special exercises at home. This is done to change the breech fetus’s position to a normal position. However, try not to try gymnastics or sports that your doctor does not recommend.

Various medical treatments for breech babies are highly recommended to change the baby’s position back to normal. Immediately consult a doctor if the baby in the womb is in a breech position.

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