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Be Aware, This is the Cause of Premature Birth and Prevention

March 3, 2023

Be Aware, This is the Cause of Premature Birth and Prevention

The cause of premature birth must be noticed to minimize the recurrence of cases. Minimizing the occurrence of premature birth can be done with careful preparation for pregnancy. Besides that, the condition of the baby during pregnancy also affects it. Just look at the following causes:

Causes of Babies Born Premature

Many things can cause a baby to be born prematurely. To find out in detail, you can check the discussion below. Make sure you don’t miss anything.

1. Genital and Urinary Tract Infections

One of the causes is an infection in the genitals and urinary tract. For example, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, rubella, herpes simplex, toxoplasmosis, vaginal bacterial infections, and many more.

2. Have a Chronic Disease

Pregnant women who suffer from chronic diseases have a higher chance of giving birth to premature babies. The chronic illnesses include surgery for appendicitis, cervical incompetence, high blood pressure, placental abruption, heart disease, diabetes, and kidney disorders. Please do not ignore it because it is one of the causes of babies born prematurely at 8 months.

3. Unhealthy Lifestyle Patterns

Babies can be born prematurely if, during pregnancy, they do not adopt a healthy lifestyle. For example, taking illegal drugs, drinking alcohol, smoking, and lack of nutrition.

In addition, make sure you also pay attention to what foods cause babies to be born prematurely, such as pineapple and papaya. Both types of fruit can trigger contractions even though the baby in the womb has not developed fully. This is often the cause of babies born prematurely at 7 months.

4. Other Causes

In addition to some of the causes above, the birth of a premature baby can also be caused by multiple pregnancies, IVF (in vitro fertilization), closely spaced pregnancies, miscarriages or abortions, trauma, injuries during pregnancy, severe stress, premature delivery, and age factors. Regarding age, pregnant women under 17 and over 35 are at high risk of giving birth to premature babies.

After knowing what causes babies to be born prematurely, understand the consequences or effects. The results of premature babies are often related to nervous system disorders. In addition, many cases lead to infant death. This certainly does not want to be experienced by every woman.

How to Prevent Babies Born Premature

There are many ways to avoid being born prematurely that you can do. One of them is by adopting a healthy lifestyle. This can be done by consuming food to prevent premature birth. Some foods, such as eggs, nuts, fish, and other intakes, are rich in omega-3.

Further to paying attention to lifestyle, the risk of premature birth can also be prevented by undergoing regular examinations. This will help you monitor the fetus’s condition in the womb every week or month. If a premature baby is possibly born, it can be detected early so that it can be treated immediately.

Then for those of you who are undergoing a pregnancy program, you can consult a trusted doctor. This effort is made so that you can know your health and prepare your body for a smooth pregnancy. When you experience complaints or feel uncomfortable, you can immediately consult a doctor.

You can avoid babies early on by knowing what causes babies to be born prematurely. In addition, how to prevent it is equally important, you know. The hope is that the pregnancy you are experiencing will be smooth until the time of delivery later. The risk of giving birth prematurely will undoubtedly be negligible.

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