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The Function of Testosterone in Men and How to Increase it

March 3, 2023

The Function of Testosterone in Men and How to Increase it

Testosterone is a hormone found in the male body. This hormone has essential benefits and functions in men, especially for sexual health. Therefore, the levels of these hormones in the male body must be adequately maintained.

Having good sexual health and function is a must for a man. This is closely related to fertility and a man’s chances of being able to fertilize a woman’s egg. In this case, the hormone testosterone has the most crucial role.

To find out more clearly what testosterone is, its function, and how to increase it, see the explanation below!

What is the Testosterone Hormone?

For those who don’t know, testosterone is a type of reproductive hormone found in the male body. Even so, women also have this hormone in their bodies but in small amounts. Testosterone will generally increase when a man enters puberty.

Generally, a man who experiences an increase in the hormone testosterone will show several symptoms, including:

  • Penis and testes are growing
  • Growth of hair in body areas such as the beard, beard, and pubic hair
  • Voice changes to be more characterized
  • Produce sperm
  • Have sex drive

Testosterone will generally continue to increase until a man turns 30 years old. After that period, usually, the production of this hormone will decrease.

The Function of Testosterone in Men

For a man, the function of the hormone testosterone is vital because it is related to problems with the reproductive system. You need to know some parts of the male hormone testosterone.

1. Affects Sexual Drive

The hormone testosterone significantly affects the sex drive in men. When men show the characteristics of high testosterone, their sexual arousal will also increase. Not only that, sexual stimulation and activity can also increase levels of this hormone.

2. Formation of Bones and Muscles

Testosterone also functions to form bones and muscles in men. This hormone can affect the skin to the enlargement of the male chest. Usually, men who are deficient in the hormone testosterone are more prone to fractures or problems with muscle strength.

3. Producing Red Blood Cells

The hormone testosterone is also helpful in increasing the production of red blood cells in men. This function is essential in heart health and affects male fertility because it is helpful in the maturation of sperm cells.

4. Behavior formation

If testosterone in women only functions as a physical formation, then this hormone also serves as a behavior formation in men. This is because the hormone testosterone is associated with the nervous system that is connected to the brain. If a person lacks these hormones, it will affect his confidence.

How to Increase Testosterone in Men

After knowing the hormone testosterone’s function, which is essential for men, ensure the hormone levels are always expected. Because if the hormone levels are low, it can affect health, especially reproductive health.

To increase testosterone levels produced by men, you can try the following ways:

  1. Get enough sleep
  2. Maintain ideal body weight
  3. Exercise regularly
  4. Avoid stress
  5. Consume foods rich in vitamin D and animal protein sources

For a man, maintaining reproductive health is an important thing to do. This is because it greatly affects fertility and the chances of being able to conceive. Therefore, ensure to keep testosterone levels in the body in sufficient condition so that sexual function also goes well.

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