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All About Condoms That You and Your Partner Need To Know!

December 13, 2022

All About Condoms That You and Your Partner Need To Know!

One of the contraceptives that are often used and easy to find and relatively cheap is condoms. As a means of preventing pregnancy, you can find condoms at pharmacies and minimarkets in various locations.

Well, for those of you who are still hesitant to use condoms as a means of preventing pregnancy, you should know some of the functions, effects, types, and benefits of using condoms when having sex.

Condom Type

There are many types of condoms that you can choose and adjust so that your sexual desire and sexual activity are maintained with your partner, here are some types of condoms that are common in Indonesia.

1. Made of Latex

The most commonly used condoms are latex-based condoms. The advantage of this condom is that it can prevent pregnancy with the highest percentage as long as it is used correctly. However, many people develop allergies after using latex condoms, so you should be careful before using them.

2. Made of Plastic

Condoms made of plastic that have a very thin thickness or polyurethane, can be your choice if you have an allergy to latex condoms. One of the disadvantages of this material is that the surface is thin and loose, so there is a high risk of tearing when friction occurs during intercourse.

3. Made of Sheepskin

Although called sheepskin, but basically this condom is made from sheep intestines. Unfortunately, these condoms can only prevent unwanted pregnancy but do not protect you from infectious diseases.

Condom Function

Condoms are contraceptives that have many functions for couples who will have sex, what are the functions of condoms? Let’s find out below.

1. Prevent Pregnancy

Like other contraceptives, namely the birth control pill, vaginal ring, and spiral contraception. With the price of condoms being cheap and easy to obtain, many couples choose to use condoms as a means of contraception to delay pregnancy.

If used correctly on an erect penis, condoms can achieve up to 98% success in preventing pregnancy. Therefore, besides being easy to obtain and use, condoms can be an option for you and your partner to delay having a baby or adding children in the near future.

2. Protects from Sexually Transmitted Diseases

One of the advantages of using condoms as a contraceptive is that it can prevent sexually transmitted diseases that can be transmitted from intimate relationships. Infections such as HIV, gonorrhea, lion king, and others, can be contracted if you do not use a condom during sex.

3. Make Sex Last Longer

If you feel that the duration of intercourse with your partner feels fast, you can try using a condom as an alternative to increasing the duration of sex. Condoms containing benzocaine lubricant.

Benzocaine special lubricant is a local anesthetic commonly used in latex condoms to increase the duration of intercourse by preventing ejaculation in men.

4. Add Protection

Although other contraceptives are effective in preventing pregnancy, there is nothing wrong with adding protection by using condoms when having sex.

After knowing some of the main functions of condoms, it’s a good idea to also know the benefits and dangers of the harmful effects of using condoms that you may not know about.

Advantages and disadvantages of Using Condoms

Besides being easy to obtain and can be found in many places, practicality in terms of using condoms is an option among other contraceptives. This causes many advantages and side effects to the user, what are the advantages or benefits and side effects of using condoms during intercourse?

The advantages that can be felt by couples when using condoms are as follows:

1. Hygienic

Condoms can be said as a hygienic means of contraception, that’s because it can prevent various kinds of diseases that can be infected or develop in your intimate organs and your partner.

2. Maintain Erection

You can use condoms as an alternative to maintaining an erection, especially for those of you who have problems with erections so that they last longer when having sex with your partner.

3. Cheap and Easy to Get

You can get condoms at the nearest pharmacy or minimarket, besides that, condoms are also very practical to use without the need for requirements like other contraceptives.

Besides the benefits that you can feel when choosing a condom as a contraceptive, there are also side effects that are caused as below.

4. Cause Allergies

Although condoms are fairly safe and have minimal side effects, there is still one effect that you and your partner can feel because of the frequent use of condoms as a contraceptive.

Latex condoms can cause allergies, such as rashes, itching, blistering, and anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is caused by allergies which requires the sufferer to get medical help because of breathing problems and swelling of the lips and tongue.

5. Lack of Lubrication Production

Vaginal fluid is a natural lubricant during intercourse, therefore, the lack of clear fluid production or this lubrication can interfere with intimate activities.

The use of latex condoms can reduce vaginal fluid production when combined with additional lubricants made from oil. This causes vaginal dryness and makes it uncomfortable during intercourse.

6.  Less passionate

Excessive use of condoms can reduce sexual arousal for both men and women. Condoms made from a bit thick can make intimate relationships less intimate because of the barrier between intimate organs.

After knowing all about condoms, it’s a good idea to also know how to use condoms properly so that there is no leakage or sperm dripping in the vagina.

How to use the right condom

Here’s how to use a condom that can prevent pregnancy or infectious infections in you and your partner.

  • Pay attention to the main ingredients of condoms
  • Check expiration date
  • Store condoms in a dry and cool place
  • Don’t use a broken condom
  • Leave a little space at the tip of the penis to accommodate sperm
  • If the condom is torn or damaged due to friction, stop sexual activity and replace it with a new condom
  • Never use condoms repeatedly so that condom quality is maintained

Contraceptives that are cheap, easy to obtain, hygienic and can prevent pregnancy called condoms. Make sure you and your partner have chosen the right condom and lubricant so that unwanted things don’t happen during sex.

Using the right and proper condom can prevent condoms from leaking, make sure you know how to use the right condom so that there are no unwanted pregnancies.

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