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Swallowing Sperm Can You Get Pregnant? Check the following facts!

December 19, 2022

Swallowing Sperm Can You Get Pregnant? Check the following facts!

Oral sex is one variation in the relationship between husband and wife. Not infrequently, while doing so, sperm can be swallowed. Maybe you are wondering whether swallowing sperm can get pregnant. To find out more information, check the facts in the following article. Let’s see the information below here!

The Process of Pregnancy

Semen, which contains millions of sperm, is a small reproductive cell that can swim independently toward the egg. If a sperm fertilizes the egg, the egg then moves toward the uterus to attach itself to the lining. This process is called implantation, the early stage of pregnancy.

It should be noted that not all implantation processes can be successful. To get pregnant, sperm needs to fertilize the egg, and the egg needs to implant in the uterus.

Sexual intercourse needs to occur around the time of ovulation to result in pregnancy. Women with regular cycles can generally determine ovulation by taking an ovulation test, counting, and looking for other signs of fertility.

What Can Get Pregnant

For pregnancy to occur, sperm needs to have a pathway to the egg through the vagina. Most of the women who get pregnant are from unprotected sex. Pregnancy can also occur due to the following factors;

  • Sexual intercourse in which birth control failed.
  • If the vagina is touched after touching semen
  • Anal sex, when the semen gets close to the vagina
  • The pull-out method (withdrawing before ejaculation), which can reduce the risk of pregnancy, is not very effective and can cause pregnancy.

Can Swallowing Sperm Get Pregnant?

When a person swallows sperm, the sperm will follow the same path through the digestive system as when eating or drinking. This route will not pass through the reproductive organs and will not result in pregnancy.

Swallowed semen does not come into contact with the vagina, and when women urinate or pass stools that contain residual semen, it is impossible to get them pregnant. A woman can only get pregnant from penile-vaginal contact when play water enters the vagina or other reproductive organs.

How to Prevent Pregnancy

To prevent pregnancy from occurring, here are ways you can do it; 

  • Monitor fertility signs: This can help determine when you are likely to ovulate and avoid having sex during your fertile window. Women may be fertile when they have cervical fluid that is thick and watery. Also, you can use a fertility tracker app to check your ovulation period.
  • Tracking your menstrual period: To track your menstrual period, various apps are available to help you know when your period is coming.
  • Use birth control: Condoms, birth control pills, and IUDs can prevent pregnancy with proper use. To ensure pregnancy, couples can also use condoms that contain spermicides.

That’s the discussion this time about whether you can get pregnant by swallowing sperm. Swallowing sperm is unlikely to cause pregnancy. Make sure you and your partner have safe sex. Hope it’s helpful!

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